Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

california-state-main.jpg Strong Energy Policy Can Save California Big Money Two studies out this week model the impact of strong renewable energy policies in California and show us what we new already: they’ll lead to job creation, increased household incomes and an increase in Gross State Product. Woot.
Computer.jpg Online Bill-Pay: Save Paper! Save Money! Save Time! This article outlines all the big environmental savings to be had from getting off paper bill addiction. If only they could pay my bills for me too.
lincoln.jpg Energy and Environmental Big Shots Blog about the Economy This is cool. Presidents of the top environmental (and my own science based!) non-profits, as well as head honchos of financial firms, utilities, and government and university energy institutes blog about the impact of economic downfall on the renewable energy sector. That writer has some rolodex.
best%20buy.jpg Best Buy Sets Aggressive GHG Reduction Target Best Buy plans to cut emissions 8% per square foot by 2012 company wide without sacrificing expansion. Plans to reduce emissions include placing skylights in all new stores. Looks like someone at corporate finally caught on to the fact that natural lighting can boost sales in a retail environment (site)
walmart.jpg Wal*Mart CEO Lee Scott Calls for Reduced Consumption Mr. Get More for Your Money himself may have seen the light of sustainability after all that work on reducing packaging in the supply chain. Can Wal*Mart really take a U-Turn on the high-volume low-quality business model?
money.jpgThinking Green: Only Invest in Eco Projects with Financial Return
Joel Makower reminds us that you can still be a business person and be sustainable. Just choose the eco-investments with a positive return! He’s surprised that you are surprised.
Lastly, here at 3P we were busy talking about
Carbon Zero cities, Starbucks green (or are they greenwashing?) initiatives and incentives to increase solar power in San Francisco.

Jen Boynton

Jen Boynton is the former Editor-in-Chief of TriplePundit. She has an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio Graduate School and has helped organizations including SAP, PwC and Fair Trade USA with their sustainability communications messaging. She is based in San Diego, California.When she's not at work, she volunteers as a CASA (court appointed special advocate) for children in the foster care system. She enjoys losing fights with toddlers and eating toast scraps. She lives with her family in sunny San Diego.