Upcoming COP14 Climate Talks – What’s On the Table?

Government leaders, environment officials and many others are converging on Poznan, Poland for the latest round of global climate change talks. Seeking to advance towards ratification of a post-Kyoto Protocol global accord and action plan to mitigate and adapt to climate change, the results of the Poznan meeting take on even greater urgency and significance in light of the financial system crisis and impending recession.

CleanTech Goes Through The Roof

CleanTech is rapidly becoming a popular asset class. The launch of hefty investment funds in recent days proves this.

Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

Apologies for the delay in delivering this weekly wrap up! I am still recovering from my Tryptophan haze. This was a big week in sustainable business news! Read on for the biggest stories: Five Reasons You Should Consider Generating Your Own Green Energy While 3P’s own Ryan Mickle doesn’t much like the idea at least … Continued

Holy Solar – Vatican Installs 2,400 Panels

The Pope has switched to solar energy. The Vatican might in the near future embark on a more ambitious project to become an alternative energy producer which transports energy back to the grid.

Breaking Out of the Oil Trap: “Big 3” Bailout & An Open Fuel Standard

It’s been a long time coming, but there’s a chance that bi-partisan Congressional support will soon give US drivers a choice of liquid transportation fuels at the pump. As “Big 3” auto industry execs cry wolf and beg for billions more on Capitol Hill, senators and House reps are considering an Open Fuel Standards Act.

How Will Obama’s Healthcare Changes Impact Business?

The U.S. healthcare system is in sorry shape. The Commonwealth Fund Commission gave the U.S. healthcare system a score of 65 (out of 100) when compared to other industrialized countries. The overall performance of the healthcare system did not improve from 2006 to 2008, and access to healthcare decreased. The efficiency of the healthcare system … Continued

STAR Community Index: LEED Guidelines for Entire Cities

Much as LEED™ has transformed the building industry, the people behind the STAR Community Index hope to transform the way local governments set priorities and implement policies and practices to make their cities more sustainable. The STAR Community Index isn’t the first to try and rank or rate the greenness of cities. SustainLane for example … Continued

The Business of Truly Sustainable Turkey Farming

As you read this, someone close to you may be cleaning, stuffing, or slicing a turkey. Over 45 million turkeys were purchased for Thanksgiving out of the 265 million raised this year alone. The vast majority of these birds were grown on industrial farms. Perhaps your bird is organic, free range, or locally grown, but … Continued

An Efficient Thanksgiving Day Turkey

The free-range turkey we bought for this year’s Thanksgiving was ordered through a local organic and natural foods store. And it was about three times the cost of the conventional turkeys they were selling at the mega-supermarket. But our turkey was raised naturally, without genetically-modified feed grown with synthetic, nutrient-depleting fertilizers. The feed wasn’t covered … Continued

UPS Adopts HP Paperless Printing Solution for Package Processing

UPS announced this month it will deploy a new combination scanner and paperless printing device developed by HP that will print millions of sorting labels directly on packages, helping Brown make further inroads on greening their operations by slashing its consumption of paper while reducing costs at the same time. Called the HP Handheld sp400 … Continued

Greening Your Gigabytes: Apple Introduces the World’s Greenest Family of Notebooks

With all of the time and energy we expend using computers, it makes sense that developing energy efficient alternatives should be a high priority for technology companies. And who better to grab the reins and innovate this category than Apple, reinforcing their commitment to bringing leading edge solutions to the forefront, and elevating the green … Continued

The Key to the Gap’s Sustainability Success: An Interview with Kindley Walsh-Lawlor

It is one thing to start a green by design eco-fashion company, and an entirely different thing to direct a ~$16B clothing retailer that employs 150,000 people to reduce its environmental impact and operate more sustainably. This is exactly the job of Kindley Walsh-Lawlor, Gap Inc’s Senior Director of Social Responsibility and Environmental Affairs. I … Continued

Green Car of the Year: A Diesel?!

When you say the words “green car,” what comes to mind? Prius first, I suspect. One of the numerous electric cars popping up these days. And perhaps a hydrogen car. So would you be surprised to hear that the winner of last week’s Green Car of the Year award at the LA Auto Show was…a … Continued