Opportunity Green Conference at UCLA this Weekend

In the post-election haze the stock markets reacted with a degree of trepidation and uncertainty. The economy was certainly on people’s minds at the polls this week and the demand for a change of guard reflected the concern of the nation. Somewhere in the conversation of how best to boost and stimulate a recovery, we need to ask: “how does green and sustainable business fit into the equation?”
Primed to facilitate this discussion is the upcoming Opportunity Green conference this weekend in Los Angeles, hosted by UCLA Anderson School of Management. In two days, this conference promises serve up a smorgasbord of speakers, presentations and workshops. The topics will cover some of the ongoing sustainability in business conversations such as transparency, strategic modeling, branding, design and leadership. Additionally, some very timely issues will be addressed like the impact the recession will have on the green economy, clean tech, current trends and how to get funding in this current climate.
As I ready myself for a jam-packed weekend, I expect much of the usual schmoozing, rubbing of elbows, networking and exchange of ideas and business cards will occur. But, importantly, while the world of sustainability tends to look at business through a lens that is part of the larger picture and long-term impact, now is the time to look at surviving the short-term economic turmoil. Can we still keep green and socially responsible business practices as a priority when economic survival is in such peril? The conference promises to be exciting, informative and energizing.
There is still time to register for the event. If you can’t join us, check back in the next week or two for recaps and debriefs on the event.
Conference Details:
Opportunity Green
When: Saturday, November 8 and Sunday, November 9
Runs all day both days. Check schedule for special events and seminar details.
Where: UCLA Covel Commons, 330 De Neve Dr., Los Angeles, CA
— Stephanie Chenard
Stephanie Chenard is a Business and Education Consultant. She obtained an
MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School of Management and now
specializes in finding sustainable business solutions for businesses and
educating business managers and professionals in a variety of areas focused
on green business.

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