Research forecasts rapid growth in Asia-Pacific Green IT marketplace

rainforest.jpg The Asia-Pacific market for green IT services will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 68.5% between 2008 and 2011, from around $251 million in 2007 to some $2 billion, according to a recently released study by Springboard Research. According to the study, which excludes Japan, Australia presents itself as the largest, and key, market for green IT services during this period though India and China are forecast to grow at faster rates but from a smaller base.
According to Springboard’s “Asia Pacific Green IT Services Market – The Budding Greens,” consulting services capabilities are a key aspect in the market – expected to grow to $546 million– though infrastructure services make up some 58%, the largest single component, of the market.
“The key finding from our study is that consulting capability is an essential market entry point for vendors,” said Phil Hassey, Springboard vice president of services. “Green IT Services vividly highlights the need for service providers to have end to end capabilities, and to not rely upon a narrow set of capabilities if they are to capture market opportunities.”
Virtualization, data center management, recycling and enterprise-wide green IT strategies are the four key areas organizations are examining when it comes to greening IT.
While the green IT services market in the Asia-Pacific region is still “embryonic,” according to Springboard, HP-EDS and IBM have had success implementing end-to-end solutions. Other active participants include Sun, Dell, VMWare and Microsoft.
The key challenges that lie ahead involve vendors, customers, and governments being able to come together to craft practical, effective solutions and regulations. Vendors in particular “should ensure that their Green IT solutions are more than ‘window dressing’ of existing solutions – for a premium. Green IT adoption will not go into the mainstream until the vendors showcase clear cost savings and a transformational outcome to the enterprise users,” Hassey said.
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