Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

collard-greens-plant.jpgTop 8 Cheap Greens
No round up this week would be complete without some discussion of the ways to go green and save money at the same time. Luckily, a lot of sustainable options are also easy on the wallet. Going green can even save a company money, if you know how to do it! Or so I reminded my boss when the layoff rumors started this week.
SodaCans.jpgSoda Cans Get New Lease on LifeWe now have a better reason to love Aluminum (much revered by recycling aficionados for its ease recyclability and ability to become new cans). The Aluminum Association announced a commitment to a 75% recovery rate for it’s products by 2015. Start stockpiling those Diet Coke cans!
solar_cells_panels_PV_array_monocrystaline.jpg Wifi goes Solar
In December, a company will begin selling solar powered wifi routers. Perfect for being plugged in, but, yet, still off the grid.

airplane.JPGUnited goes Low Tech, Saves 1,600 Gallons of Fuel
No, no, the savings didn’t come from lightening the flight by requiring passengers to fly commando. The flight used old school gas savings techniques like continuous decent, priority clearance for landing and real time fuel use data. These simple steps saved 33,000 pounds of carbon emissions. Maybe now they’ll let me bring my liquids on board.
ups.jpgUPS Scorns Paper Labels
UPS looked at all those cardboard boxes and said, we don’t need no stinking labels! Comes up with a system to print right on the boxes. The elimination of paper labels will save an estimated 1,338 tons of paper each year, in addition to saving UPS money on paper, ink, and operational costs. Brilliant.
Building_l.jpgGreen Building Estimated to hit $140 Billion by 2013
Demand for green buildings will translate into an additional $140 billion in new construction by 2013, says a report from McGraw-Hill Construction company. This represents a tripling of expenditures from current levels. If you’re going to build it, build it right.
Finally, here at 3P, we were busy covering a solar company who wants to buy a piece of GM, Environmental solutions to economic problems: tips for Obama’s first 100 days, and, just in time for the holidays, Top 5 Ways to Host a Green Event

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