I Am an Artist. I Am Getting an MBA. I Am Not a Sellout.

by Erica Meade Many studio art majors at my undergrad institution had negative feelings about the business world. The common thought was that the corporate machine was stocked with money-hungry egomaniacs, representing everything wrong in this world and the inverse of the motivations and goals of an artist. That’s somewhat of an exaggeration, but nonetheless, … Continued

Leaders and Clown Hats

by Henry Liu Every morning prior to work, we’re faced with a flurry of decisions pertaining our office wardrobe. What shirt am I going to wear? Do these pants go with those shoes? Are these socks even matching? Face it, these fashion decisions reflect who we are in the office, they’re what make us unique. … Continued

6 Factors Shaping the Renewable Energy Industry in 2008

Many industries experienced turbulence this year and renewable energy was no exception. 2008 was really a mixed bag for the industry, with lots of good and bad news. 1. High Energy Prices Natural gas and oil reached record highs in July, 2008. This impacts the price of energy overall and make renewable energy more favorable. … Continued

Obama’s Economic 3 Step Makeover to Boost Nonprofits

The proposed Obama extreme makeover of our government and economy includes good news for nonprofit social entrepreneurs. Recognizing that these social entrepreneurs are often the drivers of innovation in education, economic development, healthcare and the environment, Obama plans to expand their effectiveness and reach by: * Providing R&D tax breaks to nonprofits similar to those … Continued

How Companies Can Kick the Petroleum Based Water Bottle Habit

When I first read about Goody G1, an additive to non eco plastics to make them both compostable and biodegradable, my first thought was, why enable petroleum based plastic manufacturers an out to continue manufacturing as they are, rather then looking into a thoroughly green option? But then seen from another perspective, it’s like asking … Continued

On Water Bottles and Identity

Mattia Nuzzo So I just got this water bottle. Pretty cool, right? It definitely took me a couple weeks (maybe months?) to find it among the Siggs and Klean Kanteens out there. While it does meet most of my requirements – portability, aesthetics, drinkability – I began to wonder what the image of myself armed … Continued

ClimatePULSE: The Top 3 Climate Change Headlines to Watch for in 2009

As 2008 comes to a close and we take a look at the year in review, we reflect on the year that has passed and begin to think about the future. There have been many climate change-related headlines over the past year, from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative holding its first two auctions, to global … Continued

Building the ‘Me Muscle’: Six Essential Exercises

By Mei Lan Ho-Walker I must confess I thought a communications class would be a piece of cake. I would read some books, practice public speaking and viola! instantly emerge as an ‘effective communicator’. I was dead wrong. The class LiveE was a mental bootcamp that turned my world upside down. It rocked my core … Continued

Raser Wastes No Time, Taps Massive Geothermal Field in Utah

It’s taken a mere six months after discovering a massive geothermal field in Utah for Raser Technologies to build an initial plant that is expected to start delivering electricity to California consumers in a matter of weeks.

Sustainable Banking: It is a Wonderful Life

Sitting at home watching It’s a Wonderful Life, I didn’t really feel so wonderful. Mostly, it just reminded me of the banks bailout and the problems with our banking system that brought down the economy this fall. A banker who knows your name? Who cares about you and your family and your wellbeing? Our expectations … Continued

Corporate Cultures: Peeling the Social Onion.

by Vinitha Watson Through the Live Exchange course, I gleaned a deep understanding of the human experience through communication. At the onset of the class, we didn’t dive straight into a business focus, but we first focused on ourselves as individuals, employees, friends, partners, and citizens. As we studied our own psyche, I became fascinated … Continued