Introduction to Clean Technology Investing – A Must Read Presentation

What is Cleantech? This is the question Lightspeed Ventures Partners’ Andrew Chung set out to explain to government officials in a recent presentation. Every aspiring clean tech venture capitalist and green entrepreneur ought to take 10 minutes to review this clean technology presentation. By highlighting eight sectors of green and clean technology, Andrew creates a viable framework and provides in depth data to understand the rapidly evolving clean tech industry. These sectors are Solar, Wind, Fuels, Other Generation, Storage, Energy Efficiency, Water/Air, and other. Have a look at the presentation right here, be sure to click “full screen” to read it:

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  1. I didn’t read this entire presentation, but I think it is worth it to the “aspiring” investors to notice that the author is describing a discrete veneer of knowledge about the world — much like what the average person might might tell someone about their car, after their mechanic gave them the bill and told them what they fixed.
    Why do they recommend investing capital in “solar” (orphan adjective aside) or biofuels? I could just as easily, and probably more correctly, say that you should be investing in low-cost solutions to greenhouse gas emissions because regulation will change how that is priced. Or to invest in certain types of power generation equipment because that is what is demanded by the market.
    Remember, punditry is a social license. Or perhaps, in this case, we only need to talk about a “thing”, rather than to truly understand the system that we are describing.

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