Ode to Innovate the Government

by Rowan Edwards
Coming into the dMBA program at CCA was always an exciting proposition. Innovation. Sustainability. Design. Business. And all for the greater good. This is why I came to this program or it came to me. I also came for the unknown. In the program I would be getting some better understanding of the corporate world, the strategy within it, better skills in organizational architecture, decision making and control, and the underlying economic ramifications inherent in them. The unknown quantity to this next wave MBA curriculum was not just new methods of integration of Design Strategy into the old corporate paradigm, but understanding and integrating meaning into it. Though I typically would consider myself fairly self aware, the course “Live Exchange” (the communication component to the program) would prove to be the course that not only would challenge me to be more efficient in my communication technique, but offer meaning and encourage a more compassionate and reflective means to that end.

The onset of the program in September 2008 brought a lot of unknowns beyond just the ones within the curriculum. The future in terms of my place in it, the future in light of the economic recession, and not least the future of the Presidency and U.S. politics. I do keep an eye on politics in so much as I know what I don’t like, i.e., the Bush Presidency, and all of the negative perspectives on things that should be important to the most powerful country in the world. Those things as I see it, are at least the role of the U.S. geo-politically, geo-sustainabley, and the role the planet plays in the decisions it makes. When an offhanded remark by Professor Raffi M. on how innovating the government would be very daunting, I thought, “yes, that would be some serious innovation”. Aren’t they in effect the biggest corporation in the world? As I see it they are also the most dysfunctional as well, with so many factors corrupting it from achieving a greater good. The U.S. government needs to be innovated for us and for the planet.
Pema Ch√∂dr√∂n said “it has been said, quite accurately, that a psychotic person is drowning in the very same things that a mystic swims in.” If that is the case then offsetting the psychosis of Bush with others who offer a more mystic perspective could balance things out. A Team. Bush could have been part of a Team of leaders. Instead of few checks and balances administered by a sedated (and bought) House and Senate, Bush could have been checked and balanced by his team. The strength of teamwork over the control of a single individual with regards to decision making is obvious. The team that I participated in the dMBA program worked through challenging differences. Understanding the importance that different perspectives have and respecting these allowed us to always reach a consensus. It wasn’t always easy. But big decisions rarely are. So we could have a U.S. Board of Directors, or The Executive Council.
Don’t get me wrong.
I am happy
with Obama.
Hopeful for
the system
has flaws and
I am
Money buys
and outcomes
To the damning
of care or
Pro and
con of 3 branches
should be always
It is our right
to do so
since you
me, us,
we are in it for
the best outcome.
Aren’t we?
The Executive Branch.
Executive Branch?
Damn powerful
and know no
because they aren’t
held accountable
They, like CEO’s
of US auto companies
should be given their
Aren’t they
responsible for this
So let us start
with a new
Executive Branch
or rather
Executive Council
made up of seven
individuals who are nominated
or throw their hat
in ’cause they
care not for party
partisanship but
for what they can offer
“us” you
and me
and “it”
this ongoing
Elect one a year
A new one every
as one leaves
one arrives
a yearly reminder
that people who care
about change,
who are for “it”
this big
in terms
of money
for the campaign
no money can
be given
no adds can
be seen
they will have to speak
to “us”
then caucus “us”
with the info of
who they are
what they believe in
why they care
Outcome from caucus
say I
the Senate and
and every government
employee all
to the smallest
city position.
For every elected
political position
one citizen from
a respective district
will sit beside thee
this grounds them
bonds them to understanding
since on of “us”
will be there
We will throw our hat in
’cause we care
for this Big
Colleagues for the common
good together
we can do it better than one
We will have two heads
to consider the outcome of
this big

These articles were created as part of the course work for “Live Exchange” the foundational course on communication for The MBA Design Strategy Program at California College of the Arts. Read more about the project here.

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