In the Smart Grid We Trust

In order to increase its renewable target to 33% by 2020, California needs an additional $6.5 billion worth of transmission projects. That’s according to the California Independent System Operator, which plays babysitter to the state’s electrical grid. Current law requires 20% of the state’s power to be produced renewably by 2010, a goal that can … Continued

The Sustainability Movement Needs More Than Gorilla Marketing

by Kathryn Hautanen As a person new to the sustainability conversation, it is somewhat difficult for me to understand the dialogue. Terms like green, sustainable, organic and greenwashing are being tossed around as if everyone is in agreement as to what these terms mean. Last year I was at the West Coast Green Conference in … Continued

Communication: The Business-end of Design Innovation

by Erik Ehrke It pretty much goes without saying that “communication is important in business.” Right? And if we are talking about an innovative, design-based business, good communication is regarded as an imperative. We implicitly understand that communication is essential for collaboration. But while this is a plain fact on its surface, its deeper implications … Continued

A Company’s Most Sustainable Advantage

By Adam Dole Many of today’s top companies are so fixated on what their competition is doing, that they often forget to focus on their single most important competitive advantage; their strengths! In the current economic climate, companies need to stop focusing on the competition and start getting back to what they do better than … Continued

Wyoming, Western Ranchers Form Wind Energy Associations

Looking to better understand and leverage their position at the wind power bargaining table, ranchers and other large property owners in Western states are increasingly forming wind energy associations.

Others Have Succeeded in Building a Better Water Bottle But What About the Fountain?

by Sara Kozlowski This fall, I joined the inaugural cohort of CCA’s DMBA program as a fifteen-year veteran of the fashion industry. In Innovation Studio, I joined forces with four other DMBA pioneers and embarked on a semester long journey to develop solution areas for our chosen domain of “packaging”. We tenderly christened ourselves as … Continued

If You Want To Run Your Business in the Black, Make Sure You’re Marketing in the Green

Most ecopreneurs are familiar with the tenets of running a sustainable business — People, Planet, Profit, and, most importantly, in equal priority. Building a sustainable and eco-focused business is based upon a commitment to the welfare of society — and the environment — with the same emphasis as earning a profit. This turns traditional business … Continued

First U.S. Offshore Wind Project Gains DEP Approval

The U.S. wind industry has been a world leader, installing an impressive 5,244 megawatts in 2007. The U.S. offshore wind industry is another story, with no offshore wind farms yet developed. The tides may be changing however 4.7 miles off the coast of Cape Cod in Nantucket Bay. The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) … Continued

Team or Collaborative Player?

by Ingrid Dragotta: To many, the words “teamwork” and “collaboration” seem to be synonyms but, in my experience, these formations play out differently in several meaningful ways. Let’s start with how a team functions or dysfunctions. The Webster definition of “teamwork” is “work done by several associates with each doing a part but all subordinating … Continued

What Can Brainstorming Do for Your Team?

bu Jason Hui I once took a class that began every day with a 15 minute brainstorming session. We used two different methodologies. The first was object oriented brainstorming: take any random object, like a spoon, and come up with as many different uses in three minutes as possible…a signaling mirror, a disciplinary tool, a … Continued

One Way to Kick-Start the Economy

Green jobs were dead last on Common Current’s Top Ten Sustainability Stories of 2008, but it is certainly not least in its potential to give the economy the boost it so desperately needs. The United States Conference of Mayors released a study in October that detailed the economic advantages of a “green economy.” The advantages … Continued

Obama’s Energy Plan Must Not Be A Sound Bite

So it looks like a copy of Barack Obama’s inauguration speech has been leaked. Here’s an excerpt… “Energy will be the immediate test of our ability to unite this nation, and it can also be the standard around which we rally. On the battlefield of energy we can win for our nation a new confidence, … Continued

The Functional and Empathic Voices: The Battle in My Head

by Nicole Chen I discovered this semester that a two-headed monster lives within me. I always thought that only one did – the one that has pushed me to become a great executer and project manager, and has led me to relative success in my career. After all, I studied at a prestigious private university, … Continued

How to raise VC funding: Tips from a professional VC negotiator

Venture capital funding is capable of super-charging innovation, financing high-potential start-ups at their most risky stage. Of course there are clear pros and cons to seeking venture funding. How do you know if the venture capital (VC) route is the right one? What does it take to raise VC funding for your start-up? Especially today, … Continued

A Brilliantly Simple Green Business Idea

As a green business blogger on three sites, I hear about a lot of green business ideas. Today I heard about a near perfect one. Green Any Site. The idea is simple: Before you make a purchase online, you hit the “Green This!” button, and then make your purchase as usual, coupon codes and all. … Continued