Van Nuys Airport Plans First “Green” Hangar, But Burbank Got Theirs First

Given my recent post about the first “sustainable airport” just opening in Indianapolis, this news item is hard for me to resist.

Maguire Aviation is negotiating with Shangri-La Construction to build Loas Angeles’ first “green” jet hangar at Van Nuys Airport.

The hangar at Van Nuys Airport will resemble another “sustainable” hanger unveiled by Shangri-La on Tuesday on neighboring Burbank airport (starting a “green hangar war” in southern California perhaps?), with both facilities designed to meet platinum LEED building specifications.

On hand for the unveiling of Hangar 25 at Burbank’s Bob Hope Airport, Los Angeles mayor told reporters that the building represented “the greenest aviation facility in the world” – apparently not reading my post last week about Indianapolis International Airport (and where was the mayor of Burbank?).

The boasts of politicians notwithstanding, Shangri-La construction sees the newly opened hangar in Burbank and the one planned for Van Nuys as a model of sustainable aviation facility construction. One they hope to bring to other projects throughout the country.

Giving new meaning to the concept of plug-in hybrid

One principal feature of Hangar 25 is the the rooftop solar power system, providing 110% of the electricity required to power the building, including plug-in power for parked jets. The excess power will be sent to the local utility, and the building’s owners will eventually be paid for power that the building supplies to the grid.

Other features of the LEED-certified hangar include sustainable landscaping, low-flow plumbing, electric tow vehicles, a chemical-free fire suppression system, bamboo furniture, all-natural daytime lighting, a diamond-polished concrete floor the reflects light and doesn’t require toxic sealants, and “big-ass fans” used with evaporative coolers, eliminating the need for typical air conditioning.

At $275 per square foot, the cost of the facility was on par with construction costs for a non-green building, according to Andy Meyers, president of Shangri-La.

Partners for green

Hanger 25’s unveiling provided the opportunity for Meyers and Tony Thompson of Irvine-based Thompson National Properties to announce a new $100 million green fund and sustainable construction unit that will initially target office, industrial, and aviation facilities

Which brings us back to Maguire Aviation and their plans for their own green hangar at Van Nuys airport.

The project will be the first of what is hoped will be many such sustainable building collaborations between Maguire and Shangri-La.

Maguire Aviation Chairman Robert F. Maguire III said that “our mission is to be good neighbors and good citizens in our sustainable development program at Van Nuys Airport. By reducing noise and air pollution at the airport, the community benefits.”

Sustainable airports, green hangars – next comes actual sustainable air travel?

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