Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

Apollo Plan Calls for $500 Billion in U.S. Clean Tech Investment and 5 Million Green Jobs in the Next Decade

The Apollo Alliance, a coalition of business, labor, and community leaders promoting a clean energy and a green economy, have released The New Apollo Program, calling for an investment over the next decade of $500 billion and creating 5 million jobs through programs ranging from energy, education, construction, building, and manufacturing. The underlying theme of the New Apollo Program is improving conditions for Americans through better infrastructure, education, and good jobs. To the moon.

Guilt-Free Shipping

‘Tis the season for the environmentally conscious to feel guilty about shipping all those gifts to distant friends and relatives. If you run a business and are concerned with lowering not only costs but CO2 emissions as well, it’s always the season. First Global Xpress has come up with a business model they think can save companies 20% in shipping costs while reducing carbon emissions up to 30%. By sub-contracting with commercial airlines and courier services, FGX can ship packages and documents directly to its final destination instead of the typical hub-and-spoke system used by major shipping companies, often shaving thousands of miles off the trip. Also reducing the guilt trip the shipper takes.

Continental Airlines Plans Jatropha and Algae-Based Biofuel Test Flight

Virgin Atlantic was the first, flying a 747 from London to Amsterdam burning a mix of Jet A and coconut and babbasu oil-based biofuel. But Continental airlines will have the honors of being the first U.S. airline to conduct a test flight next month of a 737 using algae-based fuel. Sapphire Energy will supply the algae biofuel. The fuel mix will also contain jatropha-based biofuel, supplied by Terrasol, as well as traditional jet fuel (Jet A).

Revised NanoMarkets Numbers Show Thin Film and Organic Photovoltaic Materials Markets at $2.4 billion by 2011

Virginia-based NanoMarkets, a leading industry analyst, announced yesterday the release of an updated analysis of the thin-film photovoltaics (TFPV) and organic photovoltaic (OPV) markets. The new numbers show that the current economic crisis will slow or delay advanced materials research in the short term, but that long-term growth for such materials remains strong. Analysts expect significant growth in demand for advanced materials such as TFPV and OPV as a result of “quantum leaps” in the price of traditional sources of energy within the next couple of years. NanoMarkets forecasts the revenues for the advanced materials market at $2.4 billion by 2011, growing to almost $7.5 billion by 2015.

More Universities Offering Master’s Degree Programs in Renewable Energy

What does the coming green economy need? Educated workers, managers, technicians, engineers, and business leaders. The operative word is educated.c Four universities in Ohio are collaborating to offer a Masters degree program in renewable energy. The University of Dayton, Wright State University, Central State University, and the Air Force Institute of Technology will join forces to inaugurate (I love that word!) a two-year program in which students can enroll full or part-time. Ohio Board of Regents Chancellor, Eric D. Fingerhut, says the program could serve as a model for other states. Renewable energy companies in Ohio are enthusiastic about the program, looking for it to serve as a source of fresh new talent to help serve, grow, and lead the burgeoning renewable energy market.

There’s a lot of news coming out of Poland as the UN Climate Conference wraps up. Andrew, Angelique, and Tori have been providing some good coverage these past couple of weeks. Jake Schmidt, the International Climate Policy Director for the NRDC has also had some great insight on the proceeding over at GlobalWarmingisReal.com (thanks Jake). Oh, and I’ve had my hat handed to me in regard to the difference between hangar and hanger. Just another week at TriplePundit. Jen will be back next week with the green business wrap-up. In the meantime, wish her good luck on her finals!

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