EV Charging Infrastructure: the New VHS vs. BetaMax?

While Tesla Motors and other EV manufacturers have had recent successes and grabbed quite a few headlines, they still face a major hurdle: charging infrastructure. Without a fast and reliable way to re-fuel their vehicles, EV customers will be limited to those who drive less than 200 miles per day or those who can afford … Continued

2010 Transportation Predictions: What is the Reality?

Earth2Tech has posted an interesting article which takes a look at some of the predictions made for green transportation at the beginning of the decade, and how close those predictions were to reality. While the decade started out with a lot of promise, corporate interests and politics slowed that down, only to see green vehicles … Continued

La Lune Collection: World’s Most Sustainable Furniture Company?

In this time of abundant greenwashing, it’s refreshing to find a company that’s far more sustainable than it claims to be in its advertisements.  La Lune Collection, a Milwaukee furniture maker, impressed me last week not only by its strong grasp of sustainable principles, but by the matter of fact attitude with which it approaches … Continued

Do We Need Green Authoritarianism?

On Saturday the Chinese legislature passed an amendment to a 2006 renewable energy law that requires utilities to buy power from renewable sources, if it is available. The amendment should provide a major boost to renewable energy development for the world’s largest emitter of greenhouse gases. The new legislation is also an example of how … Continued

Riding the Rails With the World’s Fastest Train

Even Superman himself would have a hard time keeping up with what is being described as the world’s fastest train. While trial runs took place earlier in the month, the Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway officially began service in China on December 26, 2009. 

Climate Change Like You’ve Never Seen

A riveting photo essay of images depicting climate change was recently published online. The essay, produced by Magnum in Motion and commissioned by the United Nations Development Program, is based on information found in the latest UNDP report. What I like the most about this photo essay is the emphasis placed on promoting assistance to developing countries. … Continued

Top 10 New Green Ideas to Watch in 2010

As part of their end-of-year Trend Report, JWT recently published “100 Things to Watch in 2010,” an intriguing list of predictions based on the observations of the company’s Trend Scouts stationed throughout the world. Of these 100 things, one-quarter are decidedly green –a healthy percentage which, according to Ann Mack, Director of Trend Spotting at … Continued

A New Era for Sustainability Begins January 1

Imagine walking into a Walmart to buy a bag of potato chips and seeing not only how two competing bags of chips compare on price but also how they compare in terms of green house gas (GHG) emissions. Then, imagine the ramifications if both bags of chips cost the same, but one bag had twice the … Continued

Cruisin in the Fusion: Does Ford’s Latest Hybrid Earn its Green Cred?

After six days and more than 400 miles of real-world road testing of the 2010 Ford Fusion Hybrid, I am happy to report that the car has earned its green cred. It travels more than 600 miles on a single tank of gas and provides instantaneous MPG performance, based on current driving patterns. I took it all across Southern California … Continued

The Accidental Environmentalist: CNG in Pakistan

by Ahmed Riaz Summer in Lahore, Circa 2005 As my friend, Mohammad, opened up the truck of his car I noticed something rather strange. Inside was large metal canister with a gauge and pipes sticking out. Obviously seeing something that looked like homemade rocket attached to inside of your car was a cause for concern. … Continued

4 Factors Shaping the Wind Energy Industry in 2009

After installing a record 8,600 MW of wind energy capacity in 2008, 2009 will look like a letdown in comparison. Most of the projects that did go online this year were started under a different economic climate, where credit was plentiful. These are some of the factors shaping the industry in 2009: Electricity Demand Down … Continued

Newest Batteries Better for Hybrids than Electrics

Doing the math on the newest generation of lithium ion batteries suggests the latest advances in battery technology will benefit hybrid cars more than all-electric ones, one expert predicts. Hybridcars has an excellent interview with John German, an expert on hybrid cars who worked for eleven years at Honda before becoming Senior Fellow at the … Continued

China Produces More Cars than the U.S.

It’s true: The latest figures from the U.S. Department of Transportation show that China surpassed the U.S. last year in the total number of cars produced. This is a radical shift from 1980, when the U.S. manufactured 56 times more vehicles than China. In 2008, China produced 9.5 million vehicles, while the U.S. produced 8.7 … Continued

Creation of An Agency – “As Is”

By Michael Fox I am an artist. I was attracted to the DSMBA program at the California College of Arts in my efforts to conceptually frame my artwork as a practice.  The DSMBA program has given me the opportunity to be creative utilizing the core values of innovation that are taught as my approach instead … Continued

Looptworks – A New Way to Think About Sustainable Clothing

Take a look at the tag of the clothes you just got for Christmas. Where were they made? Most likely, Indonesia, Malaysia, India, China or Peru. And? And with clothing manufacturing comes the scraps. The overage of a particular color fabric or button. The average factory produces 60,000 pounds of excess material each month–much of it … Continued