Paul Detering: Change Is Coming to the Solar Industry

Since my last post from the Solar Power International 2008 conference in San Diego, large amounts of the bailout bill have been distributed, Obama has taken office, and the automakers have their bailout as well. “Change” is coming in many forms. In San Diego, we experienced a surge of exuberance around the passing of the … Continued

Tie Your Cause to Your Product – Not Just Your Cash Register

It’s not too difficult to spot the brands who have hopped on the cause marketing bandwagon recently, tying their promotions to a charity in the hopes of sparking increased sales and reaping the halo benefits of goodwill for their image. Today’s consumer is smarter and more informed, and wants to do business with socially responsible … Continued

Recycling and Reuse: Are Financial Incentives Necessary?

Call me cynical (and you’d be right), but I think that humans as a species have a couple of basic tenancies. We want life to be better and want to do less to make it so. In other words, we want more comfort and convenience at less cost. That is why we live in a consumer based society with disposable products. We also focus almost entirely on short term gain vs. long term gain. There are obviously exceptions to these rules – like our friends the Mennonites – but in general I think this holds true.

Strengthening Renewable Energy Innovation – Corporations, Venture Capitalists, and Government Working Together

By Jim Hurd, Director, GreenScience Exchange The United States is at a critical crossroads in its energy policy and the Obama administration is promising to completely reshape our energy objectives. We’re in a global race to develop renewable energy technologies – to compete with leading countries in Europe and with dynamic initiatives in China and … Continued

Carbon Tax Versus Cap-and-Trade

On a practical level the advanges of a Carbon Tax appear way more attractive than a cap-and-trade model.

Obama’s Energy Plan: Data Dismisses Doubters

Reading the news yesterday morning, I came across a quote from Michael Morris, the CEO of American Electric Power, in regards to President Obama’s goal of doubling renewable energy in three years. Morris said that as a practical matter, Obama’s target is too ambitious. Interestingly enough, American Electric Power Co. is the largest U.S. producer … Continued

The Obama-Biden ‘New Energy for America’ Plan

The Obama-Biden ‚ÄòNew Energy for America’ plan is heavily slanted towards diversifying the US energy resource base, enhancing efficiency and conservation, and mitigating climate change. It doesn’t rule out making better use of our domestic fossil fuel resources, however.

News Break: Obama Clears Path to Allow California Emissions Waiver and Set Standards for Improved Fuel Efficiency

President Barack Obama today signed a presidential memorandum directing the Environmental Protection Agency, now under the direction of Lisa Jackson, to reconsider the Bush-era refusal to grant a waiver to California and at least seventeen other states allowing them to set their own standards regulating greenhouse gas emissions from cars and trucks. Despite former EPA … Continued

How Is Willy Wonka Like Obama? “Strike that, Reverse it”

"We have so much time, and so little to do! Strike that, reverse it." That’s just one of Wonka’s many famous quotes in the classic 1971 film. And, if you think about it, the aphorism applies whether discussing chocolate factory tours or White House agendas. Indeed, Barack Obama has much to do, and even less … Continued