Pixxlz Turns Poop Into Paper

pixxlzlogo.jpg The opening for eco-friendly printer Pixxlz’ press release yesterday read that they’re changing their tagline from “We Print Green” to “Our Product Is Crap.” Literally.
Recently the online printed products company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts began sourcing a paper pulp from Sri Lanka comprised of elephant dung.
“There are very few printed product companies that offer 100% PCW [post-consumer waste] paper,” said Lindsey Burkhardt, Pixxlz President. “We truly want our competition to jump on the band wagon and offer the same papers that we do. The supply and demand will drive the paper prices down while raising eco-consciousness.”

The company claims that there are no toxic chemicals used in the paper-making process, only basic bonding agents such as alum and rosin, along with water soluble salt dyes for coloring. It is marketed to be a “valued alternative” to expensive hand-made papers, and comes in a variety of colors and stocks, perfect for invitations, holiday cards, and announcements.
This isn’t the first example of paper being made from elephant dung. The Thai Elephant Conservation Center has been offering paper products from elephant refuse for years; however, Pixxlz’ venture is the first for-profit model produced to compete with conventional high-end paper products.
Aside from its aesthetic draw, the eco-friendly paper has a significantly lower carbon footprint from conventional paper. It is also supposedly serving to alleviate a decade-long conflict between Sri Lankan farmers and elephants, and more tangibly, will help boost the Sri Lankan economy, not to mention save trees.
Granted processing the dung into pulp that will eventually be converted into paper will greatly alter the constitution of elephant refuse, but once the novelty of a tree-free paper wears off, will the average consumer really be able to get over the fact that they’re writing their mother’s birthday card or wedding invitation on something that used to be elephant poop?
Nonetheless, Pixxlz is truly a company that operates with the idea that what’s best for the planet and the consumer is also best for them. Offering a wide variety of products, including “edible” inks made from water and soy bases, Pixxlz is also an eco-friendly company with a sense of humor. Its products are made for every home, office, condo, or hovercraft.

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  1. I laughed out loud at their tagline. I think this product is great. As long as it’s safe and good for the environment, why not? Good to see a company using these resources and having a good sense of humor about it.

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