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Hello and happy New Year Greeniacs! I’m back from a vacation and reved to bring you all the best green business news from around the blogosphere. Lots of hot stories this week:
Hawaii.jpgHawaiian Electric, Khosla Ventures Partner for Green Energy TechnologiesIn order to help the state of Hawaii reach 70% renewable power generation by 2030, Hawaiian Electric, the premier electricity provider in Hawaii has teamed up with venture capitalist firm Khosla Ventures to share information on new technologies to produce clean energy. With all this moving and shaking in the aloha state, I may just need to set up a permanent 3P satellite office at my mother’s house
corn_pic.jpg Food vs. Fuel: Inside the Ethanol Subsidy Controversy
Climate Biz has a great feature explaining both sides of the argument for and against ethanol subsidies. Read up if switch grass makes your head spin.
marching_band.jpg South Korea and Japan March the Green New Deal Path with Multi-Billion Investments South Korean government announced it would invest more than $38bn in environmental projects and Japanese ministers pledged to create one million new jobs through green infrastructure initiatives. I’ll now be accepting wagers on whether the next US congressional stimulus plan will actually include the green jobs earmarks we’ve all been hoping for.

rating.gif Bloomberg debuts AAA-style carbon credit ratings The risks associated with investing in unknown carbon projects are soon to be easier to ascertain thanks to Bloomberg. They’ve launched a carbon rating system to measure likelihood projects will meet their stated goals. The service covers both the voluntary market and UN-approved Clean Development Mechanism and Joint Implementation schemes, and also provides information on the social development benefits associated with specific projects. Hopefully the CDM and JI project owners are not paying the fees a la S&P, Moody’s and Fitch
EPA Makes Pact on Commercial Real Estate Cushman and Wakefield and the EPA have signed an MOU on best practices for greening the commercial real estate sector where C&W manage 3,200 properties, the world’s largest privately held commercial real estate services firm. The MOU lays out environmental best practices to enhance energy efficiency and reduce carbon footprint, promote water conservation, and minimize waste, which C&W will follow. Go forth and rent office space!
nuke-costs.jpgNuclear Power Found to be More Expensive than Renewables Climate Progress, a climate policy think tank recently reported that nuclear power is staggeringly expensive compared to other carbon-free power options. Might they change their opinion on the best way to mitigate the worst effects of Global Warming? Read on!

Finally, in honor of the new year, here are all the best green biz year-in-review posts from our friends!

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PS: For all you big spenders out there: Got a Million Dollars? Get a Free Hybrid!

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