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smokestacks-coal-01.jpgNorway Stumbles into Carbon Sequestration to the tune of $100mThe Norwegian city of Trondeim hopes to become the world renowned headquarters for carbon capture and storage technology. I sense a destination vacation coming on!
abu%20dhabi.jpgAbu Dhabi looks to become a Mecca of Renewable EnergyWell, it’s a different kind of mecca than the Saudis have, but enviros have been known to get swept up religious for their clean tech. I’m still debating about whether an air conditioned beach powered by renewable energy is kosher. Still seems kinda wasteful, no?
concrete.jpgKhosla shuns CCS in favor of coal-to-cement
Superstar Silicon Valley venture capitalist Vinod Khosla thinks carbon capture and sequestration are a waste of time and we should look toward utilizing waste C02 to make energy-intensive cement. It’s a very cool concept, one I covered back in September. You’ll note from the post way back when that Khosla is backing the inventor of the new technology.
greenworks.jpgClorox Reveals Financial Details of Relationship with Sierra Club On the one year anniversary of the launch of the Greenworks line, Clorox revealed that it gave the Sierra Club $470,000 for its endorsement of the product, a figure that is based on the sales from April-December 2008 of the Greenworks line.
walmart.jpgWal-Mart unveils Largest PV Installation in Latin America True to its “go big or go home” philosophy, Wal-Mart has built the largest solar array in Latin America With over 1,056 solar panels totaling 174 kW installed. Those damn big box stores are such energy sucks that this array will only cover 20% of the building’s energy needs.
pouring_water_c.jpg New Tool Measures Sustainability of Corporate Water UseThe Center for Sustainable Innovation (CSI) has released a new tool to measure the ecological sustainability of an organization’s water use. The tool uses local rainfall amounts, topography, and watershed boundaries and measures the rate of water renewal against the company’s water use. Next up: women with clipboards standing outside the bathroom listening to see if you flush when it’s yellow.
groceries3.jpg UK Grocer to Generate Power from Unsold Food
Under the plan, all of the unsold food from Sainsbury grocery stores will be sent to a biomass plant to be turned into electricity. The move is expected to prevent 42 tons of waste a week from landfills. Yay Sainsbury’s! I do love me some closed loop food systems.

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