New Bank Gears Up to Give Green Loans

Part of a series of posts by John Gartner of Matter Network: While the federal government is engaged in an overhaul of the banking industry, e3bank wants to redefine how banks interact with their customers. The bank, to be headquartered in suburban Philadelphia (Malvern), will actively encourage its customers to live sustainably by offering preferential … Continued

Lee Fox, KooDooZ Founder: Consciousness with Every Click

Striving to create a virtual world that is also virtuous, Lee Fox developed KooDooZ, an online forum where each user interaction forwards the development of humanitarian values and promotes philanthropic efforts. Currently by invitation only, the concept is such that users can be exposed to a wide variety of topics and connect with like minds … Continued

Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

Joel Makower Sounds Off on the Irrational Exuberance of Green Consumers Joel does a review of the landslide of surveys we’ve seen about consumer behavior in the eco shopping landscape in the past few month and finds that when the research methods are exposed to the cold harsh light of a winter’s day, they kinda … Continued

Financing a Broken Transportation System

We often talk a lot about the high or volatile cost of oil, and how this impacts consumer and investor behavior. For instance, when gasoline crossed the $4.00 per gallon mark, demand for hybrid vehicles soared, and millions in funding started to flow into the high-performance battery sector. Of course, there’s also the excessive environmental … Continued

IISD Launches Sustainable Development List-Serv

The International Institute of Sustainable Development and UN Dept. of Economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development launched a new Sustainable Development Framework list-serve today.

Burning Hawk Wines: A Cause That Inspired a Brand

Photo credit: Nick Dunlop With cause marketing becoming an increasingly hot topic, many companies are “cause washing” their brands, similar to that of greenwashing, in an attempt to create the perception of social consciousness without an authentic connection to the cause. Other companies use charitable donations as a promotion to increase sales with only a … Continued

Dana Meadows Memorial

On Earth Day 2001, Hunter Lovins wrote the following memorial to Dana Meadows, a true hero of the planet. Dana Meadow’s writings can be found at the Sustainability Institute website. Donella (Dana) Meadows (March 13, 1941 – February 20, 2001) On this Earth Day, as we gather to celebrate our love of our home, let … Continued

The French Condom Company Redefines the “Ethics” of Sex

We all know what it means to have safe sex. But what does it mean to have responsible sex? Be it during moments of intimacy or not, it could be safe to assume that very few of us think of how the average prophylactic was produced, where it came from, and its environmental impact. Since … Continued

Will Decoupling Derail Efforts to Push Climate Change Legislation?

Most utility companies are encouraging their customers to conserve energy. But from a business point of view, there’s a down side to energy efficiency: selling less power also means less revenue for the utility companies that provide the power. And the less a utility earns, the less it is likely to invest in new, cleaner … Continued

The Business Case for Sustainability: Intercontinental Hotels

Bob Willard’s video, “The Business Case for Sustainability” explains that companies on the journey towards sustainability move through several stages before reaching a 4th stage, called the “Integrated Strategy”. At this stage, everyone in the organization is involved in eco-efficiency processes, resulting in enhanced company profits. The business case is furthered by a Graves and … Continued

Business and Government Tackle Pollution Together in Mexico

Mexico City is one of the largest urban agglomerates in the World and as such suffers from extreme atmospheric contamination. It contributes 1.5% of the worlds total greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, conditions are so bad that around 4,000 people die every year as a direct result of air contamination and last year the Human … Continued

Johnson Controls Turns On Sun Power; Stimulus Dollars Could Brighten its Future

Johnson Controls is a major (but little talked-about) manufacturer of, among other things, heating and cooling systems for buildings. Now, however, the company is starting to really showcase its sustainability chops and is leading by example: it recently flipped the switch on a 1,500-panel solar energy system at its headquarters in Glendale, Wisconsin. This is … Continued

Buy1GIVE1: Making Every Transaction Make a Difference

Imagine if every purchase you made could help a hungry child eat or save a tree or bring clean drinking water to Africa. Now imagine if every purchase your customers made contributed to all of those causes, and reached a world — and a planet — in need on an daily hourly basis. With Buy1GIVE1, … Continued

IFTF.ORG: Map of Future Forces Affecting Sustainability

The Institute for the Future has published its Map of Future Forces Affecting Sustainability. This is a really interesting document outlining their research and forecasts on what the future will be for sustainability in six areas: People, Regions, Built Environments, Nature, Markets, Business and Energy. An Imperative for Looking Long: “The 21st century will test … Continued

UPS Adds to its Alternative Fuel Fleet

UPS adds 300 Compressed Natural Gas vehicles to the largest private fleet of alternative fuel vehicles in the industry.