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As doing business becomes more socially conscious, a new breed of entrepreneur is emerging. One who is committed to giving back, and who has built philanthropy directly into the business model — even before the first cent has been made., co-founded by Ricky Paredes, is launching with their earnings already earmarked for causes dedicated to animal safety and welfare. A percentage of every sale will be donated to charities dedicated to improving the lives of pets through adoption, prevention of cruelty to animals, and education about how to care for animals in a humane way. Ricky believes it’s important to honor the relationships people have with their pets, and wants to help dog lovers everywhere contribute to creating solutions for the critical issues facing animals today. “There’s no point being successful if you can’t do good with it,” says Ricky, and that’s a spirit that will drive a society built on collective consciousness where change is our main form of currency.

1. How do you define for-profit philanthropy?
It’s capitalism with an altruistic spirit.
2. Please describe your philanthropic business plan and your current charitable activities.
As a for-profit philanthropic dog-centric startup organization, it is very important for us to donate to charities. We support and value the efforts of national non-profit organizations like the ASPCA, the National Humane Society and plan to support various types of animal-related charities that are in need of help to raise awareness and funding. This is as a core part of our business model, and we will use ongoing earnings to help keep these associations thriving.
3. How do you communicate the impact of these efforts to your customers?
We are reaching out to the pet community online by interacting in social media sites like Facebook, MySpace and Twitter to share our vision and garner support for our initiatives. Offline, we are involved in grassroots activities to help connect the community, such as local meet ups with dog lovers and owners. We will also be launching our blog ( that emphasizes on controversial issues like animal abuse, dog fighting, for-profit puppy mills and various other topics to draw attention to these important topics and create change through awareness.
4. Why do you think it’s important for companies to adopt philanthropy as part of their revenue model?
It’s a business model which benefits everyone involved. Unlike other profit-seeking models, it places a greater emphasis on achieving a common goal and creating social good. Everyone involved in generating the profit becomes invested in change.
5. What would you say is the most critical element in successfully implementing philanthropic endeavors?
You must be genuinely dedicated and passionate about the cause in which you aim to support. The profits help spark the change, but passion must come first.
Name: Ricky Paredes
Title: CEO & Co-Founder

Gennefer Gross is a writer, producer and co-founder of Gross Factor Productions, an independent film and television company focused on scripted comedy. An avid writer, author and idea cultivator, Gennefer thrives on creativity and contributes regularly to Triple Pundit on a variety of sustainable business topics. She also pens the popular series Hollywood & Green, exploring socially responsible cinema that helps connect consumers with important causes and environmental issues. And somehow she finds the time to write for her own blog, Tasty Beautiful, covering food and fashion in and around Los Angeles. Gennefer will also be launching Philanthrofoodie(TM), a charitable venture designed to spark social change through shared food experiences. An eternal student of life with an eclectic background, Gennefer brings unique insights on everything from breakthroughs in renewable energy to the latest dish in celebrity consciousness.

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