IISD Launches Sustainable Development List-Serv

lunapic-123575077695147.jpg For those of you looking to tap into a network of like-minded people focused on the socio-economic aspects of mitigating climate change and fostering biodiversity, renewable energy, clean technology, and the like, you may find it worthwhile joining the Sustainable Development list-serve (SD-L) launched today by the International Institute of Sustainable development in collaboration with the UN Department of Economic and Social Affairs Division for Sustainable Development (UNDESA-DSD).
‘Triple Bottom Line’ by another name, “the Sustainable Development (SD) model is based on the notion of a harmonious balance struck between the social, environmental, and economic spheres of development,” IISD writes in an email announcing the list-serve’s launch.

Networking for Sustainable Development
SD-L is a peer-to-peer grassroots service intended to promote understanding and the application of the UN’s Sustainable Development framework. Leveraging the advantages of social networking, subscribers can better publicize and coordinate their efforts. Announcements of contributions to and activities in the field can be posted, enabling members to keep track of breaking news and information.
“This can lead to a durable, equitable, and environmentally sound outcome – one that preserves the promise of prosperity for present and future generations. This paradigm, mainstreamed twenty years ago, today offers a most appropriate methodology for addressing the complex of global issues at the fore of policy debate,” according to the IISD.
“Assuring that challenges like climate change, rising food insecurity and the unfolding international financial crisis do not undermine the global development agenda, requires a coordinated, cross-sectoral and truly international response. The SD framework addresses this need by offering stakeholders an inclusive and balanced tool for assessing, implementing and monitoring the development process.”

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