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google.jpgGoogle Dips its Toe into Energy Monitoring, Says the Water Feels Great! Google continues its foray into energy, but rather than renewables, the latest focus is on energy efficiency. More specifically, Google is putting it’s coding masters to work to solve the problem of increasing the feedback for consumers and utilities about the rate at which power is being sucked from the grid. They must be feeling the economic pinch just like the rest of us, because rather than hiring all the staff they need to create a complete product, they are looking for expert partners.
corn_pic.jpg Coal Plant Switches to Biomass to Make Customers Happy“Our goal is to turn electricity into an entirely clean product that customers can consume with a good conscience, given the concerns that they have about global warming,” said Danish firm Vattenfall Vice President Hans von Uthmann in a statement. “The entire Vattenfall Group is fully engaged in changing our power plants and production methods such that we can meet the expectations that world has on us to provide clean, environmentally friendly energy.” Now, that something rotten in the state of Denmark will be the proud stench of the biogas digester.
cloud6.jpgSustainable Companies Whip Non-Susty Peers During Financial CrisisA silver lining among the dark cloudy hail ridden storm of this economic disaster! Green Biz reports that companies focused on sustainability outperformed their peers by 15% during the financial crisis.
airplane.JPGEurope Halts American and United at the Gate, Checks for Carbon TicketsAll airlines using European airports are going to be regulated under the European Emissions Trading System from January 2012. On Wednesday, the list of affected carriers was released, including the big boys in US air travel. That means even American carriers will eventually have to buy some carbon permits to comply with European Union law. Under the European system, each European Union country will be responsible for selling permits to individual airlines that use that country’s airports most frequently. The idea is to reduce the administrative burden, but it also potentially means big revenues for countries with busy airports.
cradle-01.jpgThe Aeron Chair Turns into a Cradle (or Two) The famous Hermann Miller chair has received a C2C Silver certification from McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry. The company worked hard to remove PVC from the arm pads and flame retardants from other components in order to achieve the designation. Now that’s an achievement you can sit down for.
grid.jpgExisting Energy Efficiency Measures Could Cut US Energy Consumption by 1/3So says the Rocky Mountain Institute in their new publication. The report recommends that the 40 worst-performing states in terms of energy efficiency learn from energy productivity measures implemented by the other 10 states. The top ten states, in order of productivity per kwh (I know you’re curious!) are: New York, Alaska, Connecticut, Delaware, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Colorado. RMI Report

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