Emerging Solar Technologies Flex Their Market Strength

By Paul Detering Technology development in the solar industry continues to accelerate at an unprecedented rate. Over $3 billion was invested in new companies and technologies in 2008 alone, and investments in solar have doubled every year for the last five years. Manufacturers of traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels continue to drive improved efficiencies, inverter manufacturers … Continued

Empowering (and Recruiting) Future Leaders

A month ago, I attended a Pitch-A-Thon the Future Leaders Institute (FLI) hosted in which students pitched their ideas for building a better tomorrow and received feedback from community leaders (respondents) in the sustainability and social change fields. FLI challenges students to research and identify societal problems, and come up with a plan for how … Continued

FedEx Blogging: Starting the Conversation

Markets are conversations. So explains the famous Cluetrain Manifesto which continues: …learning to speak in a human voice is not some trick, nor will corporations convince us they are human with lip service about “listening to customers.” They will only sound human when they empower real human beings to speak on their behalf. A corporate … Continued

“Find the Farmer” Helps Consumer Connect Flour Back to Farms

The closest most of us get to the farmers that grow our food is when we’re on our way to somewhere other than their farms – as we cruise down highways and byways adjacent to their acreage. But there’s a movement afoot that would make Farmer John less of a stranger. And by making the … Continued

Tesla’s Model S: Beginning of the End for the Big Three?

Last week, electric car manufacturer Tesla Motors made headlines with the unveiling of its long-anticipated Model S sedan. The elegantly-styled four-door hatchback has some extremely impressive statistics. As a matter of fact, the stats are so good that it makes me wonder if this could be the beginning of the end for the Big Three. … Continued

Austin to Pilot Daimler’s “car2go” City Car Share Program

The streets of Austin will be the site for the first international pilot test of Daimler AG’s “car2go” city car share program. Already up and running in Ulm, Germany, the “urban mobility” program is an example of some innovative, triple bottom line type conceptual thinking on the part of one of the world’s largest vehicle makers.

Jet Blue’s Jab at Corporate Excess Works

Corporate sustainability is about more than just environmental concerns. It’s also about creating a livable, open, and creative corporate environment – for both customers and those inside the company. Though it might be a silly advertising stunt, Jet Blue’s recent online campaign is more than just hilarious. It’s effective and catchy, likely boosts internal morale … Continued

Green, Affordable Housing Faces a New Financing Challenge

Affordable housing projects face enough challenges of their own without the added challenge of making them green. And yet, low-income families face a greater challenge from the burden of housing costs – the more families have to spend on maintaining a home reduces the amount they can spend on other basic necessities. Green features such … Continued

Peter’s Path: Making Philanthropy Fashionable

Most companies who engage in for-profit philanthropy add that element in later as a reaction to consumer demand or to remain viable in a a market that’s shifting toward corporate consciousness and social responsibility. Few are created with the sole intent of giving back. And fewer still forge a personal connection with consumers and causes, … Continued

GM CEO Resigns Opening the Door to Innovation in the Showroom

It’s time for GM shake up its business model. Over the past few months the headlines have been filled with news about the big US automakers, their desperate situation and their inability to turn a profit. This is quite laughable for those of us on the green side of the spectrum, given that the US … Continued

What Does the White House Organic Garden Mean to the Green Economy?

Two sets of Returned Peace Corps Volunteers (RPCV) had made public campaigns calling on Barack Obama to rip out part of the expansive White House lawn and plant an organic garden. Dan Simon and Casey Gustowarow championed the WHOFarm (White House Organic Farm) Project, while Amanda Fuller and Justin Mog (RPCV-Paraguay) created their campaign around … Continued

Overcoming the Coal Conundrum

Researchers at North Carolina State University think we should head back to the future – that wood might be able to replace coal, as the world’s primary energy source, just as coal once replaced wood. The NC State researchers are part of a team that is using a process called torrefaction to turn woodchips into … Continued