Bringing Farm Flavors to the City: Mission Pie, San Francisco

mission%20pie.jpgThis caf√© offers it all: great food in a sustainable business context with a friendly atmosphere to enjoy it all in. Whether it’s the apple, walnut, or banana cream pie you’re treating yourself to, you can feel assured that your efforts are benefitting a sustainable business, with an emphasis on city-rural relationships and youth development as well.
Mission Pie in the Mission District has grabbed our attention for its wholesome and genuine approach to sustainable food production and we’re delighted to share their story with you.
The Mission Pie story began in 2005 when a group of youths visiting Pie Ranch expressed that they felt disconnected from the farming world and lacked the means to visit Pie Ranch to bridge this divide.
Since the beginning of 2007, Mission Pie has created an inner-city extension of the Pie Ranch, creating the store front to serve pies using ingredients harvest from the ranch just several miles south of the city, employing neighborhood Mission High School students, and even running programs to take students to the ranch to learn where what we eat actually comes from. It encourages city folk to embrace

“intimacy with their food through live relationships with the people and places that grow the ingredients.”

In essence, the workers of Mission Pie bring a tangible connection to the farming community for city folk, which is mutually benefitting for these communities. Downtown Mission Pie is a place “where people can gather with a sense of community purpose and belonging” and eat sumptuous pies made from locally sourced ingredients.
At Mission Pie you will find support for living a sustainable life and a neighborhood friendliness to encourage you in this direction. It is a celebration of farm and city life, bringing together a range of people to show us that these diverse places can work together harmoniously in the pursuit for healthy and sustainable lifestyles.
If you’re in the area we recommend you get down to the Mission District to try out one of their delicious pies sometime or checkout their website at Their famous flavors are Walnut, Banana Cream, Lemon Shaker, Apple, Sweet Potato, and Pear Raspberry. Enjoy!

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