California Clean Tech Open 2009: Catalyzing Innovation

CCTO%202009.pngNow in its fourth year, the California Clean Tech Open (CCTO) is set to hold its launch event this coming Thursday, March 19, 2009. Touted as an “innovation catalyst” for new ideas and businesses in clean tech, the CCTO is one of the more successful incubator-type events of its kind and a must-see for anyone in the sector.

The CCTO provides entrepreneurs with a unique support network of investors, academics, companies, and other entrepreneurs, all of whom provide feedback and guidance throughout the CCTO process. Entrants submit executive summaries into one of six categories: Renewable Energy; Energy Efficiency; Smart Power; Air, Water, & Waste; Transportation; and Green Building. Winners are judged and selected from across four categories, and each receives a “startup in a box” prize worth $100,000. In addition to $50,000 in cash, winners receive everything from office space and PR to software and legal services, in what is widely considered a well-rounded prize offering.
The California Clean Tech Open is one of a number of pseudo-incubators in clean tech and sustainability, including the Haas Global Social Venture Competition, Investor’s Circle, and Cleantech Group). A personal favorite is the NetSquared program run by the great team over at TechSoup Global, as it has managed to create a uniquely vibrant and supportive community, online and offline, around issues relating to technology and development.
For more information on the CCTO and to get tickets for the March 19 event (hurry, ticket sales close at noon this Wednesday!), please click here. To submit a business plan to the CCTO click here.

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