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sandwich.jpgGE, Google, Waste Management: Three Fortune 500 Firms with Emerging Roles in Clean Energy 3P regular Sarah Lozanova gives us the scoop on the new trend in big business exploring renewables. Everyone wants a seat at the table of the new green economy. 3P says “Come on, eat, eat, you’re too thin, can I fix you a sandwich?”
EDF Launches Google Mash-Up of Green Jobs CompaniesNow you don’t need to use the “pin the tail on the donkey” method of choosing your next city. You don’t even need lists of sustainable cities from formerly defunct start-ups In these trying economic times, its nice to be able to see where there might actually be burgeoning industries!
pouring_water_c.jpgFlorida to Tax Bottled Water Companies by the Gallon Nestle and the other 22 bottled water manufacturers in Florida profit 10-100 times the cost of each bottle they produce. No longer! Florida plans to tax these companies for the privilege of sucking the state’s water coffers dry.
Method Earns Cradle to Cradle Certification for 20 products
The C2C certification process, administered by William McDonough’s McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC), looks for environmentally safe materials, design for material reutilization (recycling, composting, etc.), use of renewable energy, water and energy efficiency, and company social responsibility practices. Method was already well loved in eco circles, but what makes me love them even more is that the official title of their environmental strategist is The Green Giant.
heirloom_tomatoes.jpgHeirloom Culture Gets Facelift at Greener Gadgets Conference Instead of electronics companies releasing new models of their products every six months to a year, hardware and all, they would only release software to update the electronics. This way, people could take advantage of gains in technology without having to throw out the existing product. Yes, yes, of course. But what is this going to do to our GDP?
Fresh_Potatoes.jpg NYT Investigates Who is Greener: Couch Potatoes or Mall Rats Here’s the million dollar question – to buy online or in the store? Shoppers sitting in their living rooms and ordering items like hair-dryers or cameras online used 35 percent less energy, the study found, than people who shopped the old-fashioned way. We wrestled with this issue at 3P yesterday when it came to ebay’s new claim to green

Finally, here at 3P things have been really hot this week. We discussed whether living sustainably should entitle you to breaks on your loan rate ,
Whether Ford has a chance to top Toyota and Honda on fuel efficiency, and a hot off the presses argument about water vs. electricity usage with the President of Coolerado.
Happy weekend!

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