Weekly Green Business Wrap-Up

att-logo-parental.jpgAT&T Makes Major Commitment to Clean its Fleet It will invest more than a half-billion dollars over the next decade to purchase more than 15,000 alternative-fueled vehicles — 8,000 vans powered by compressed natural gas, and another 7,100 hybrid passenger cars. The telecommunications giant estimates that the new vehicles will save 49 million gallons of gasoline and reduce carbon emissions by 211,000 metric tons over the 10-year deployment period — equivalent to removing the emissions from more than 38,600 traditional passenger vehicles for a year. Joel Makower has a great analysis of the story behind the scenes.
wind-farm.jpgWind Energy 15 years from Grid Parity The elephant in the room of renewable development is that the cost per kwh is more expensive than the electricity that is currently produced. Not any more! This new study estimates that wind will be at grid parity cost in just 15 years. There might be hope for us yet!
3d_apple_logo_102.jpgApple Stores Ditch Plastic Bags Apple the Granny Smith decided to go one step greener and eliminate plastic bags from their retail stores. Instead they are offering to hold merchandise at stores until customers are ready to pick it up or assist customers with carrying large purchases to their cars.
20070409_dow_logo_18.jpgDow Urges 100% Packaging Recyclability Dow Chemical Co. is challenging other firms in the packaging supply chain to convert to recyclables. Yes, this is kind of a cop-out from actual commitments to urge ones competitors to reach a certain standard. However, this is still an important move because one company can’t increase it’s recyclability in a vacuum without risking the loss of its marketability due to increased costs. By releasing a challenge to its competitors, Dow shifts the conversation.

Patagonia_logo5.jpg In Other Outerwear News, Patagonia Still on Track for 100% Recyclability by 2010Patagonia released a report this week showing that it’s still on track to meet its BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) of 100% recyclability for all its products by 2010. This pretty much solidifies my R4’s spot as #1 wardrobe piece for every occasion, be it ball room or bathroom. (don’t knock it, it’s cold in there!)
IKEA Launches Solar Lighting LineIn true IKEA fashion, the lamps are cute, functional and cheap. I can’t speak to whether they also disintegrate in 5 years or not because I haven’t bought one yet. At least we know that if we have to go off grid, we don’t have to darn our socks by candlelight!
microsoft_logo.jpg Microsoft Announces Goal to Cut Carbon 30% By 2012They are using 2007 as their baseline, and given that their stock is trading at nearly half the rate it was at the end of 2007 today, this might be a pretty easy goal to achieve. Still, we’ll take the lowered volume of business dealings as good news for our collective carbon footprint.
Meanwhile here at 3P we were thrilled to report that Van Jones will be going to Washington to advise Obama on Green Jobs.We also debated about the latest Geothermal and Solar technologies and we argued about whether or not it was safe to call H20 the new C02.

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