The City of Brotherly Love Goes Green

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter announced today their comprehensive Greenworks Philadelphia plan – which highlights their environmental efforts and strategy towards sustainability – with the goal to make Philadelphia “The Greenest City in America” by 2015. Greenworks Philadelphia is the culmination of 10 months of work with contributions from city employees, nonprofit organizations, civic and business … Continued

The Ethos of Social Ventures – Does Ethos Water Really Work?

By Sirid Kellermann, Ph.D. I attended the Global Social Venture Competition’s symposium on social entrepreneurship this past Saturday at UC-San Francisco. The day was inspirational on so many levels. There was a big crowd of over 250 MBA students, social venture entrepreneurs, funders, and others who exuded energy and excitement. Finalists from the previous day’s … Continued

Swine Flu and Agribusiness — Who Bears the Costs of the Market Externalities?

By Scott Cooney, M.S., M.B.A. The Health Department is taking all the necessary steps in case the swine flu virus develops into a full-blown pandemic. Will American agribusinesses, who moved their swine operations to Mexico to avoid higher labor costs and environmental standards here in the U.S., have to pay the bill? My guess would … Continued

Why Nestle Calls Itself a Health & Wellness Company

Nestle considers itself to be a health and wellness company. Nestle Chairman, Peter Brabeck-Letmathe explained that the company changed from a “strictly food and beverage company” to a health and wellness company because the “quality of calories matters.” Letmathe pointed out that life expectancy and calorie intake go together. Looking at history, the more calories … Continued

Buy Green? Or Buy Less?

Over the past couple of years, I’ve noticed a significant increase in the number of hybrid vehicles I see driving the streets here in Boulder, Colorado. Maybe it’s just a heightened awareness due to those special “alternative fuel vehicle” parking spaces now in place at the new 29th Street Mall shopping area; but at times, … Continued

Microsoft Proves It’s Not Easy Being Green

Last week I read a post on Environmental Leader about Microsoft slashing their CSR PR budget in favor of product promotion for Windows 7, Office and Xbox. While the cuts are currently in Europe, the post went on to say that Asia was next and that the U.S. would be “imminent.” A budget cut in … Continued

Ecological Elevators: New Green Tech from Spain

Just when you thought the stairs were your only option for arriving sustainably to your office chair, it’s time to think again. A Spanish company, MP Ascensores, has released its preliminary plans for the MP-E3 elevator that will operate using an integrated approach to green technology. These ecological elevators will bring a new element to … Continued

Imperial Death March: Assigning value to ecosystems

We’ve asked and attempted to answer this question may times: What’s the cost of a tree? This question inherently implies that there is a price tag on that tree, and that price is a reflection of what one party is willing to pay for the benefits of the tree, and what another party is willing … Continued

Smart USA Drivers Getting Rock Star Parking Treatment in NYC

Here’s the problem I have with the new breed of tiny cars, such as the Smart USA fortwo or even the vintage Mini Coopers that I see in my neighborhood every once in a while: sometimes their drivers park them in spots that are large enough to accommodate a normal old four-door sedan. This chaps … Continued

What Is More Valuable: Material or People’s Time?

So many coffee lovers have switched to single portion delivery devices produced by a variety of brands, including Tassimo, Flavia and Green Mountain. The coffee taste is always fresh, perfectly brewed and one doesn’t waste extra coffee left from brewing a full pot. The single dose cartridge is a composite of aluminum, plastic and coffee. … Continued

Sex Work with Benefits: An “Experitainment”

In the karaoke zone in Chiang Mai, the northern capital of Thailand, the Can Do bar, sex-worker owned and operated, is open for business. Launched in September 2006, the bar was the brainchild of partner Empower, the NGO founded in 1985 comprised of sex workers. Carrying out sustainable business practices, the Can Do bar follows … Continued

Thin Ice: Sustainability Leaders Needed!

Recent dramatic events in the Arctic and Antarctica are supporting scientists who suggest that the pace of climate change is accelerating. The Arctic ice cap is thinner than ever, with ice older than two years comprising less than 10 percent of the ice cover in measurements from the end of February. The amount of thick … Continued

Building Better Buildings: A Transformation Roadmap

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) has published a study which calls for a 60% reduction in the energy use of buildings by 2050 to help meet global climate change targets. Transforming the Market: Energy Efficiency in Buildings suggests that the ambitious carbon footprint reduction goals established by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate … Continued