Arch Rock Introduces Real-Time IP-based Energy Monitoring System

lunapic-123969344385893%282%29.jpg Bay Area wireless sensor networking pioneer Arch Rock has come out with an IP-based wireless energy monitoring system that gives facilities managers detailed, real-time visibility into electric power consumption that hasn’t been possible before.
Combining Arch Rock’s PhyNet enterprise-scale wireless sensor network technology, specialized sensors that can be mounted on circuits and a Web-based Energy Visibility Portal, Energy Optimizer’s sensors gather data, which is processed and organized into “actionable” reports that enable users to see exactly when, where and how much power is being consumed at any given time. Because it’s IP-based, data from the sensor nodes can be sent directly to other nodes or any type of IP-based client device, be it a desktop, laptop, hand-held computer or mobile phone, according to the company.
“Energy Optimizer is the first solution to bring low-power wireless networking to the scene. Analyzed, correlated energy-usage data is available as soon as it’s recorded. Facilities managers see detailed breakdowns of energy consumption from mains to branch circuits on a minute-by-minute basis,” Arch Rock CEO Roland Acra stated in a media release. “They can use the data to realize rapid payback by implementing energy-reduction plans or boosting internal efficiency through departmental charge-back reporting.”

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