Ecological Elevators: New Green Tech from Spain

MP%20elevator.jpg Just when you thought the stairs were your only option for arriving sustainably to your office chair, it’s time to think again. A Spanish company, MP Ascensores, has released its preliminary plans for the MP-E3 elevator that will operate using an integrated approach to green technology. These ecological elevators will bring a new element to green building practice and have the ability to substantially reduce high-rise building energy consumption.
The MP-E3 project has received financing from the Andalucia Technological Corporation so that the first ecological elevators can be up and running in 2011. The technology plans to incorporate a frequency inverter for motors that reduces energy consumption. It also proposes to use the motor itself as a kind of generator, taking advantage of the movement of the elevator to produce electricity that could be injected into the wider energy grid.

Juan de Dios Granados, a member of the project group, explains in Andulucía Investiga the operation technology behind the elevator and highlights the benefits of its use. He explains that the design of the elevator seeks to minimize the weight of the lift cabin, will use a highly efficient motor system, and incorporates an energy-saving light system. He also confirms that the life of the elevators on average is projected at thirty years, there would be less energy costs for businesses and other lift operators and would, above all, contribute to sustainable development by reducing energy use.
While the technology is far from being implemented, the design shows an ever-growing interest in green building solutions. It is an example of how people are thinking of the many different aspects of building and design, and moreover, how companies are striving to create efficiencies in green building technologies. Hopefully as the design unfolds, commercial interest leads to international expansion of the proposal.

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