Garbage Moguls: The New TerraCycle Reality TV Show

garbagemoguls%20%28Custom%29.JPG After 3 years of pitching networks, meeting with various producers, and all of the other Hollywood headaches we finally have our own TerraCycle Reality TV Show. Garbage Moguls, which debuts on the National Geographic Channel on Earth Day (4/22) at 9pm EST/PST, follows our team at TerraCycle as we take waste (in Episode 1, Oreo Wrappers and Coca-Cola Billboards) and figure out how to upcycle them into products (Oreo wrappers will become kites and billboards will be messenger bags) and then finally sell them to a major retailer (Oreo wrapper kites to Wal-Mart and Billboard messenger bags to Office Max). So tune in and also don’t forget to spread the word.

Our hope with the series is to bring awareness to trash and what one can do with it in a fun and exciting way. Perhaps this may become a vehicle to take upcycling mainstream?
We’d love to hear your opinion. If you were our executive producer, how would you ensure that the green movement sees the biggest impact, without hurting (and in fact growing) the ratings?
…And don’t forget to turn on your TV or TIVO for 4/22 at 9pm EST/PST!

Tom Szaky is the Founder and CEO of TerraCycle, Inc. a company that makes eco-revolutionary products entirely from garbage! TerraCycle, since its humble beginnings in a Princeton University dorm room, is committed to being a triple bottom line company. Tom at the ancient age of 19 learned about composting with worms. The concept of using tiny little worms to turn food waste into a powerful, organic fertilizer fascinated Tom, who was appalled by the amount of food discarded by his campus's cafeteria. Tom started TerraCycle with no investors from a friend's garage by building a Worm Gin where he could house millions of worms in a small area. He all but bankrupted himself and maxed out all his credit cards to build the machine. With the help of friends he would shovel pounds of rotten, maggot-infested food from the Princeton cafeterias. Without any money left over, Tom could not afford to buy bottles to package his fertilizer. That's when the sustainability gods smiled on Tom, who was up one night wandering the streets Princeton in search of an answer to his packaging dilemma. It just happened to be recycling night and Tom realized that millions of homes were putting billions of free bottles out on the curb once a week! That serendipitous moment set everything to follow into motion. Slowly he began to finance his infantile start up by winning business plan contests. Finally he hit the pay dirt! He won the million dollar grand prize at the Carrot Capital Business plan contest. However, the financiers of the contest wanted to move TerraCycle away from used bottles and away from it's environmental focus. Despite being on the verge of bankruptcy, Tom turned down the money. In the six years since then TerraCycle has grown to a multi-million dollar company that doubles in size every year. Still we are committed to our triple bottom line beginnings. Still making our products from other's people waste. Still based in an Urban Enterprise Zone in Trenton, NJ. Still a second chance employer. Find out how and why, here at

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  1. Very clever; and much more respectable than most Jersey reality sleaze. Maybe Teresa Giudice can see if Szaky will throw her a couple of bucks for what’s left of her bankruptcy sale; or better yet, maybe Danielle Staub can take the fake hair that got ripped out of her head this season, and TerraCyle can turn it into something useful. We know Danielle is all about giving back to the community.

    There is an irony Szaky, and that is, you can take trash in Jersey, and actually make it worth something. Too bad you can’t recycle people.

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