Mission One Races to Prove Itself on the International Stage


Back in February, we highlighted Mission Motors, a quintessential startup founded in a San Francisco garage and fueled by no shortage of innovative thinking, driving vision, and just enough chutzpah to make it succeed.

The product borne of that driving vision is the Mission One, an all-electric, emission-free motorcycle that debuted at this year’s TED conference as “the fastest electric motorcycle in the world.”

That’s the kind of statement that leads one to say “prove it.” Mission Motors is the kind of company that plans on doing just that. In its own full-torque, whisper-quiet, and screaming fast sort of way.

This is one electric bike that’s not intended for your morning commute to your job across town. It has a bigger point to make.

Iconic rider, innovative machine, inaugural race…

On June 12, 2009, on the Isle of Man, TTXGP, the world’s first carbon-free Grand Prix, will take place. The inaugural event will also mark the beginning of Mission Motors’ Motorsports Program as veteran motorcycle racer Tom Montano sets out prove the concept of Mission One at a Grand Prix level, racing with the best emission-free machines in the world.

“We are proud to have such an accomplished rider on board for our racing debut. Tom’s racing experience and history at the TT coupled with our innovations in electric propulsion will be a winning combination for the team,” said Forrest North, Mission Motors Founder and CEO. “This is a great opportunity to show the world that you can build a zero emissions sportbike without sacrificing power and top performance.”

From the outset, the vision for North has been to show how innovative design, performance (make that “high performance”), and sustainability are all parts of the same equation that will lead to a better world. That’s the kind of statement, in North’s view, that riding a Mission One makes.

And now North and his team are looking to add an exclamation point to that statement by enlisting the racing expertise of Tom Montano to debut the 150 mph, full-band torque machine in direct competition with machines from other world-class innovators, all bringing to the event their ideas, passion, and belief that “being green does not mean being slow.”

Behind every successful startup is a vision for a better world

From his days at Stanford University, where he led the Solar Car Team, to his work with Tesla Motors, North has pursued his driving vision to undo the myth that high-end performance and sustainable design are mutually exclusive. It’s a vision that drove him to start a tiny little start-up in a garage in San Francisco’s Mission district, assemble a team of some of the best and brightest engineers and designers he could find (many of them his old college chums), and turn that myth right on its head with the Mission One.

The story of this innovative startup continues, and Mission Motors stands ready to take on the world this June 12 on the Isle of Man, as clean machines from all over the world race for first place.

Tom is the founder, editor, and publisher of GlobalWarmingisReal.com and the TDS Environmental Media Network. He has been a contributor for Triple Pundit since 2007. Tom has also written for Slate, Earth911, the Pepsico Foundation, Cleantechnia, Planetsave, and many other sustainability-focused publications. He is a member of the Society of Environmental Journalists

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  1. This is very cool. “Being green does not mean being slow” How true – as a matter of fact being green can be much faster, and cheaper and better. Kudos to Mission Motors and good luck in the race. Interesting that the machine comes out of experience with solar powered cars at Tesla.
    When will the electric bikes race against the gas burners? Do they now?

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