Monsanto Denounces GMO Crops, Launches Permaculture Design Service

I’ve got to hand it to Monsanto. After years of alienating food-conscious consumers with genetically-engineered crops, destructive farming practices, and toxic waste, the agricultural company has performed a complete 180. As of today, Monsanto is ditching GMO crops completely. The company is also launching a permaculture design service to help its GMO-reliant farmers transition to organic practices.

“We’re not immune to making mistakes,” said Monsanto spokesman Mark James. “But we now realize that genetically altering crops is a dangerous game. We also know that making the transition to organic farming will be difficult for our farmer friends who use pesticides. That’s why we’re launching the Monsanto Permaculture Design Service.”
Monsanto’s service will make use ofpermaculture principles (i.e. farming/planting crops based on relationships found in natural ecologies) to help farmers and gardeners across the world redesign and diversify and their crop layouts.
“We’ll offer consultations on organic farming, gardening, landscaping and even constructed wastelands for waste water treatment,” James said. “From now on, you can rely on Monsanto to help you secure the future of your farm–or even your backyard garden.”
Monsanto will use scaled pricing model for its services, so even those of you without much cash to spare can get in on the company’s goodwill.
It’s a bold move for the former GMO King, but one that I’m sure will benefit generation of farmers to come. Thank you, Monsanto, for leading the organic revolution into the mainstream.

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