On the Shoulders of Giants

Reflections on Power Politics by Arundhati Roy and the Presidio MBA Program
As we move forward and pursue our definition of progress, we must bear with all the “complexities, contradictions and demands” (p.6) that the world bestows upon us. This is no small task. Leaving it to the experts is no longer an option – after all that’s just a “convenient way of shrugging off our own role in the circuitry” (p. 26). The author’s point about the distinction between valuing a resource and putting a market value on that resource, reinforced how difficult a task we have before us.

We are competing with centuries of inequity. It will take some time for us to right the ship. As overwhelmed as I may feel, as I digest all of these works, the more empowered I become.
Comparatively I have no reason to feel overwhelmed. If individuals in the third world, born with less than I can imagine, enduring more than I can imagine, can reach down deep inside themselves and rise to the challenge, then far be it for me to stand idly by.
I’ve come to realize, in my relatively short tenure with the program, that changing long established mental models has everything to do with making our ideas relevant. This strategy requires communicating in the language of those whose commitment you are attempting to mobilize.
Jake H. Wise is a financial services professional with ten years of expertise in both trading and analyzing debt, equity and derivative instruments and is excited to contribute his skill-set to the rewarding, collaborative and interdisciplinary Presidio School of Management

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