Swine Flu: Caused by Factory Farming?

I flew home from a three-week trip to Mexico on Saturday, returning with a sarong I bought on the beach, some earrings I bought for my roommate and a nice tan. Apparently, some other travelers were not so lucky – carrying with them the swine influenza A (H1N1) virus. This strain of flu, that has … Continued

Business Women Come Together to Promote Sustainability

Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future (WNSF) Holds First West Coast Summit on May 21 Do women have a unique perspective on sustainability? The Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future (WNSF) believes they do. The non-profit organization fosters businesswomen’s advocacy in social responsibility and sustainable development, and will hold its first West Coast Summit on … Continued

Cool Energy Related Eco-Stats from David Suzuki’s Green Guide

As a writer, I am constantly on the lookout for the best eco-stats. Say, for example, I’m looking to write a blog post for Triple Pundit about the impact of a town’s Master Plan. It is incredibly helpful to have a handful of relevant statistics at the ready about the ecological footprints of large lots … Continued

Volvo Dealer Offers Loaner Bicycles

A Volvo dealer in England will now offer bicycles as alternatives to loaner cars to customers who drop their vehicles off for servicing.

Cultivating Change: Slow Money in Practice

The Slow Money movement calls for the creation of new capital markets–markets that channel the flow of investment to small enterprises to bring about sustainable growth in local economies. This grand vision strives to support “tens of thousands of independent, local-first enterprises at the base of the restorative economy.” And now, towards the middle of … Continued

On the Shoulders of Giants

Reflections on Power Politics by Arundhati Roy and the Presidio MBA Program As we move forward and pursue our definition of progress, we must bear with all the “complexities, contradictions and demands” (p.6) that the world bestows upon us. This is no small task. Leaving it to the experts is no longer an option – … Continued

SunChips Pushes its Environmental Cred with Compostable Chip Bag

The familiar sight of plastic chip bags littering the ground could soon be a thing of the past if companies follow multigrain chip brand SunChips’ lead. SunChips rolled out a serious Earth Day initiative earlier this month–compostable chip bags. No, really. The bag will crumble in the dirt after only 14 weeks. The new SunChip … Continued

Earth Aid: Selling Carbon Credits for Households

There’s no shortage of free online services aimed at helping consumers do things like track their energy consumption, see how much they consume compared to their peers and lower energy consumption using various tools and incentives. You’ve got Wattzon, Ecomap, Wattbot and others. The carrots these consumers are chasing are lower utility bills and the … Continued

The News You Might Have Missed

5 Earth Day Pitches that Failed For all the earth day haters out there, Green-Biz has a nice feature on the companies that tried to pimp their green cred on Earth Day but greenwashed themselves into a corner. Plastic Bag Manufacturers Aim for 40% Recycled Content by 2025 That includes 25% post consumer plastic, my … Continued

Case Study in Sustainability: Symantec

The Evolution of a Responsible Enterprise The sustainability guru, Bob Willard, developed the very useful Sustainability Continuum to describe the five stages companies go through as they evolve and integrate sustainability initiatives into their business operations. After speaking with Cecily Joseph, Director of Corporate Responsibility at Symantec, who provided the detail below, I would say … Continued

Green By Design: Enabling Sustainable Choices

As the “green” buzz continues to become more mainstream, there is a staggering number of products, websites and communities popping up in an attempt to capitalize on today’s eco-conscious consumer. But the onslaught of information may actually be a deterrant to embracing a green lifestyle for novice consumers who are forced weed through overwhelming amounts … Continued

Hot Trends in Social Venture Finance

The world of social capital is small, but it’s hot. With rising uncertainty about both the moral and economic underpinnings of the traditional financial sector, finance for socially conscious enterprises has become a destination for those looking to put their morals behind their money and those who see good social and environmental stewardship as hallmarks … Continued

Corporations Are Integral Components to a Sustainable Future

The goal of this post is to make the point that corporations are one of our greatest assets in moving towards a sustainable future. There are two points that I propose to support this point: 1. Corporations represent a remarkable platform for the industrial capacity that is required to create the materials necessary for renewable … Continued

Will the US Be the Leading Market for Electric Vehicles?

As industry leaders watch closely the consumer response to new electric vehicles, ideas are quickly taking shape in regards to where manufacturers should target their sales and production. While North American, European and Chinese auto manufacturers race to bring a viable electric car to market, the question remains, who will arrive first and where will … Continued