SustainLane Launches Green Collar Jobs Board

sustainlane.jpegThe online media company SustainLane has recently launched a Green Collar Jobs Board, offering a tool to help you navigate your way down the path of a green career. The site shows us the kind of opportunities that are emerging in today’s job climate and, usefully, how we can be best prepared to position ourselves for such opportunities.
SustainLane streamlines the green job hunt process through it’s comprehensive nationwide listings, offers great job searching and application tips, but it is also frank in sharing the difficulties that are encountered in finding and securing a green job.
Green jobs expert and managing partner at Bright Green Talent, Nick Ellis explains that we are ¨early-on in the transition to a green economy,¨ which makes job-hunting, skill profiling, and interviewing to mention a few, difficult processes to do well in a very competitive market. In the context of national (and global) economic restructuring, he shares with us the hard reality of the situation: ¨There are few green jobs available right now, and whats more, there are too few qualified candidates for these jobs.¨ But there are opportunities and with this new job board we can learn how to go after them effectively in the rapidly expanding green economy.

One of the main problems in accessing green jobs, as Ellis mentions, is that we are not appropriately skilled or qualified to meet the job requirements. Many people are losing their jobs and trying to move into new industries, such as carbon trading or renewable energy projects, without re-skilling. One of the critical observations made on SustainLane is that we should make the most of our “between job” time and pursue further study, accreditation and even volunteering with green projects so we can be better equipped for future opportunities. Proactively improving your credentials also will help make a lot of in-roads through networking and just getting your name out there.
Some of the facts offered on SustainLane are very promising, for example that the green job market is expanding rapidly, so that by 2040, green jobs are expected to represent around 40% of all employment opportunities. However, their advice is clear regarding the current reality too: that finding work is difficult right now for a range of factors related to the economic situation.
Sustainlane, nonetheless, offers extremely helpful information and publishes a host of jobs to capture your interest. You can learn the art of ¨green-networking,¨ how to write a green resume, and even ¨How to get a Green Job¨ with the help of Sustainlane sources.
If you are looking to move into the green economy, now or in the future, this resource will be very useful in guiding you to connect with the right players and for identifying how you can be better skilled to operate in a green job.

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