The Hub Coming to San Francisco

As the economy takes a turn for the worse, it’s nice to know that some people are still thinking outside the box – or at least the office. Enter The Hub, a co-working outfit based in the UK, but with a decidedly global footprint. The idea behind co-working isn’t a radical one, or all that new: allow people from different companies to work together in the same space, and magical things will happen.
As it turns out, the end result is more magical than anyone ever imagined: stories abound of entrepreneurs working out of one of The Hub’s airy, open work spaces who quickly found themselves making strides with their businesses that they previously thought impossible. With the support of the great folks at Good Cap, there is no doubt that the San Francisco Hub will soon be serving up connections and success to Bay Area entrepreneurs, too.
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  1. This is great news. The more options that people have for co-working, the better it is for everyone. This is especially good news for out-of-workers who are trying to go into business for themselves, and need a low cost workspace and a way to stay in touch with reality.

  2. Agreed. Even though there is no shortage of co-working spaces (HatFactory, AFH’s Co-Lab, NASA’s Colab, Citizen Space, Sandbox, etc.), The Hub will definitely bring it’s own personality to the mix. Here’s hoping that they play nice with others in the co-working space, and maybe even host a Jelly or two.

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