Tropicana’s New Game Lets You Take Sweet, Juicy Aim at Rainforest Loggers

Tropicana is attempting to put the squeeze on rainforest logging with its Rescue the Rainforest campaign and its recently-announced partnership with CoolEarth. To increase awareness of the problem, the company has launched a new flash game called Rainforest Rescue.
The game lets you save the rainforest by playing the role of some very enterprising monkeys who happen to have acquired medieval siege technology (i.e., a slingshot), and have begun bombarding the encroaching loggers with acid-based chemical weapons (i.e., Oranges).
Unfortunately for the monkeys, it appears that deforestation has left them with a deformity that causes one eye to be much bigger than the other, messing with their aim. That’s why they need your help. Luckily for you, the loggers are hell-bent on destruction. Like simple-minded storm troopers, they eagerly advance towards their sweet but sticky demise.
Prepare to be frustrated: Actually hitting the loggers is excruciatingly hard at first, but, after a few games gets much easier. Hint: use a shallow angle. All in all, it’s good, clean, juicy, logger-bopping fun!



Ed Note: Lest we be accused of promoting “eco terrorism”, (I can’t wait till Rush Limbaugh hears about this) don’t forget your sense of humor.


Steve Puma is a technologist, sustainability consultant and strategist. He currently writes for 3p as well as on his personal blog,, about the intersection of sustainability, technology, innovation, and the future. Steve holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from the Presidio School of Management and a BA in Computer Science from Rutgers University. You can contact Steve through email or LinkedIn, or follow him on twitter.

Steve Puma is a sustainable business consultant and writer.Steve holds an MBA in Sustainable Management from Presidio Graduate School and a BA in Computer Science from Rutgers University. You can learn more about Steve by reading his blog, or following his tweets.

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