Imagine Surfboards: How a Green Outlook Catches Profit Waves

By Kevin Whilden Imagine Surfboards has developed new surfboard manufacturing techniques to build more “ecologically friendly” surfboards at reasonable cost and with superior performance on the waves. The boards are made from recycled polystyrene cores (e.g. used coffee cups), “glassed” with bamboo cloth, and have bamboo fins. Imagine has started winning major awards for its … Continued

Sustainability 2.0: The Ethos of Common Sense

The start of Sustainability 2.0 picks up where Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth leaves off: Climate change and sustainability are realities, not just the obsessions or paranoia of a few scientists or activitsts. Sustainability is, rather, the urging to live within our means, to take a much more common sensical approach to the way we … Continued

UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon Speaks at the World Business Summit on Climate Change in Copenhagen

Secretary General Ban Ki-moon addressed a gathering of global business leaders last week in Copenhagen for the World Summit on Climate Change. As the international community prepares for the COP-15 talks this December, Ki-moon called on business leaders to “lead by example” with ingenuity and vision that others, “including governments,” lack. Secretary General Ki-moon characterized … Continued

Re-Source Attempts Recycling 2.0. But Will it Work?

If you’ve ever been to a trade show in Vegas, you probably have seen a “booth babe.” This cringe-inducing term is meant to describe the attractive female representatives that many companies hire to hawk their products at trade shows. Well, I saw a couple booth babes, so to speak, at a green business conference last … Continued

Geoff Livingston: the Social Muscle Behind the Philanthropy

If you’ve spent any time on the social web, you’ve probably come across Geoff Livingston, marketing strategist, communicator and PR pro with a no nonsense approach to business. He’s best known for his decisive commentary on the social media space at The Buzz Bin, recognized by the Washington Post as one of the top ranked … Continued

Are Women the “Greener Gender”?

WNSF West Coast Summit Explores the Convergence of Businesswomen, Technology and Sustainability Silicon Valley’s businesswomen gathered on Thursday, May 21, at the Intel Headquarters in Santa Clara to discuss the topic of “Clean Tech’s Advantage for Growth.” The gathering was the first West Coast Summit held by the Women’s Network for a Sustainable Future (WNSF). … Continued

Some Laughs for Memorial Day

We all celebrate and honor Memorial Day and our veterans in different ways. Be it rolling thunderously on your motorcycle into the nation’s capitol, barbecuing in your backyard, or finding an excuse to sleep in, here’s a little bit of silliness that has been floating around the interweb for the past couple of weeks to … Continued

American Clean Energy & Security Act: Sending the Wrong Signals

The American Clean Energy and Security Act of 2009 shaping up in the US Congress does indeed address the latter. Unfortunately the effectiveness of King Coal and Big Oil massive lobbying and public PR campaigns has turned the bill into a “Subsidize Oil and Coal” as opposed to “Clean Energy and Climate Change” legislation.

E*Trade Advocates Paperless Proxy Statements

Although my meager investments have taken a nose dive lately (whose haven’t?), there’s one extra detail that still consistently bugs me – huge 100-page proxy statements sent to shareholders which are invariably tossed in the trash (yeah, maybe a few people recycle them). Even if I thought my voice amounted to much, the last thing … Continued

A Tool for BALLE and Locals First Chapters

Scott Cooney here in Denver reporting live on day 3 of the 2009 BALLE conference. I have continued to be incredibly impressed by the level of commitment to green and sustainable communities by this network of locally owned businesses. From the outside looking in, BALLE and other groups of independent, locally-owned businesses are not green … Continued

The News You Might Have Missed

I’m back in the saddle after two weeks of MBA finals. Thanks so much to Scott Cooney for filling in for me on my weekly duties. Onward! First and foremost, to all our readers in the Bay Area, the 3p team is honoring four local business authors and kicking off the summer with a happy … Continued

Five Startups Vied for Spotlight at Greener by Design Event

Rapioli isn’t a new-fangled pasta, and Trula is not a women’s clothing line. But they are both innovative products that were among five entrants in the Innovator’s Showcase segment of this week’s Greener by Design conference in San Francisco. Rapioli is made by a startup called Innovation 2 Industry and it provides a reusable packaging … Continued

Reporting Live From the BALLE Conference in Denver, CO!

TriplePundit is a proud sponsor of this year’s BALLE conference in Denver, CO, which is happening yesterday, today, and tomorrow. BALLE is the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies. And while membership in BALLE is not restricted to green businesses, green has certainly become one of the biggest, if not the biggest, driver for social … Continued