EPA Approves California Pollution Regulation

The EPA is granting California’s waiver request that allows the state to enforce its own greenhouse gas emissions standards for new motor vehicles, according to an announcement made by the agency early this morning. With this decision, the EPA is returning to its traditional legal interpretation of the Clean Air Act from nearly 40 years … Continued

Waxman-Markey Climate Bill Would Cut Gas Expenses

By 2020, Americans will save over $17 billion by driving more efficient vehicles that will lower household transportation costs, according to the NRDC. The American Clean Energy and Security (ACES) Act allocates funding to produce the next generation of clean, fuel-efficient vehicles in the United States, and when combined with clean vehicle performance standards adopted … Continued

Know The Number – If You Can Count That High

How can you fix a problem if you aren’t tracking it first? For example, it’s hard to work off those cheeseburgers and love handles if you don’t have a scale to track your progress. How would your parents have known you were getting taller if they didn’t mark off your height every few months on … Continued

The Benevolent Beyonce?

This month, Hamburger Helper launched their ‘Land A Helping Hand’ campaign in partnership with Feeding America, featuring Beyonce as their official celebrity spokesperson. Causes often use celebs and high profile figures as a way to reach the mainstream market and quickly generate mass exposure, so I wasn’t all that surprised to see the golden-flocked femme … Continued

New Loo Design: (Sh)It’s a Commodity!

Industrial designer Virginia Gardiner has designed not just a new toilet, but a new closed-loop management system that will allow individuals to, basically, recycle their poop. Yeah, I just said that. But give her idea a few minutes of your attention, because it’s really not as gnarly as it sounds. A student of the Design … Continued

The Hope Behind the Holes in the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill

Friday was a historic day for the United States with the passage of our first comprehensive climate change bill. While some criticize the American Clean Energy and Security Act (ACES) authored by representatives Henry Waxman (D-CA) and Edward Markey (D-MA) for falling furiously short of what we need, and what President Obama promised during his … Continued

Peak Oil is the “Sustainability Spear”

By Max Dunn Ray Anderson was 60 and retired from the weight of making next quarter’s numbers when he was able to breathe, look around, and ask: “What’s next? What legacy to do I want to leave for my daughters?” That is when he got the sustainability “spear in the chest”. However, Ray’s case was … Continued

Sustainability 101: Water, The New Carbon. Measuring Your Water Footprint.

More and more businesses are increasing their awareness of water use by conducting audits to better understand their use and to establish more efficient routines. This makes us vulnerable to higher water costs as water scarcity becomes an issue. Reducing your water consumption now will decrease immediate costs and will lead to an increase in … Continued

Ecover Cleaning Products: So Over Waste in the Manufacturing Process

“It’s amusing to me that you are studying Sustainability now in the US because here in Belgium we’ve been working on it for 30 years” So we were introduced to the Ecover way by Concept Manager Peter Malaise at the beginning of a tour of the Ecover factory in Malle, Belgium. Malaise easily rivals the eco-rockstars … Continued

Acqua Veritas: Does Tap Water Just Need Better Branding?

There are a few legitimate reasons to drink bottled water. You might live somewhere where the water is unsafe, such as Sierra Leone. You might have some kind of piping problem in your building or neighborhood. Or you might be in the middle of a road trip and in a hurry. But for the most … Continued

Cone Inc Ranks Top 100 Nonprofits by Brand Affinity over Financials

Last week, Cone Inc., the leader in cause branding, research and innovation, in partnership with Intangible Business, unveiled their latest study,”‘The Nonprofit Power Brand 100,” marking a departure from more traditional financially-valuated rankings. This first-of-its-kind research explores the unique relationship between nonprofit brand image and financial performance, and revealed that some organizations may be leaving … Continued

Build Brand Through Authentic Stories

Sustainable Brands 09: Triple Pundit’s Ryan Mickle Offers Top Brand Stories By some estimates the average American encounters up to 3000 brand and advertising messages per day, not to mention the stack of emails, text messages, phone calls, Facebook pokes, and Tweets. With this daily barrage of data, how do we filter out and choose … Continued

Spotlight on Numi Tea: The Sustainable Packaging Journey

But a closer look at the box tells a clear story. The tea itself is certified organic with no added flavor. I have always admired the wonderful aroma of their jasmine tea, which in part comes from the fact that it is scented with organic white Jasmine flowers!

What Should Happen to the Waxman-Markey Climate Bill?

The Waxman-Markey climate bill (HR 2454), passed in the U.S. House of Representatives today, is hailed by many as the most important piece of climate change legislation ever. Yet it’s still receiving a surprising amount of opposition from environmentalists, mostly for it’s plentiful polluter permits, weak renewable electricity goals, and low carbon emission reduction targets … Continued

Combined Heat and Power for the Home Now a Reality

The generation of most electricity produces enormous amounts of heat which is typically wasted – literally up the chimney. Cogeneration – or “Combined Heat and Power” – systems make use of this otherwise wasted heat to warm buildings. Much of Manhattan is heated this way courtesy of several con-edison plants in the vicinity. It’s a … Continued