Building an Organizational Culture of Sustainability: Compliance to Commitment

“Have To” vs “Want To” We all know individuals who are committed to living sustainably, conscious of the impact their daily lives have on the environment. They may take public transport, bike, or walk wherever they can, rather than drive. Perhaps they recycled their bottles long before it became popular, or used their kitchen and … Continued

Sensors Will Not Remedy Agribusiness Ills

With swine flue spreading around the world, the Israeli company Cartasense captured much of the media spotlight at the spring Agritech conference in Tel Aviv. Cartasense is developing, “solutions for real time monitoring of agriculture goods…based on low cost tags.” Their sensors record conditions wirelessly; their pitch suggests increased access to health data can improve … Continued

Greenpeace Goes Guerilla in its War with HP

Greenpeace has started a war of sorts. Ironic? Not really, considering its adversary, Hewlett Packard (HP), and the two organizations’ history of contempt. The eco activist network has taken on HP, which Greenpeace claims is producing hazardous chemicals and not making sufficient efforts to change its ways. It all began in 2007, when HP promised … Continued

Small-time Wind Energy – Too Good to be True?

When I heard the government had created incentives to encourage individuals to install small wind turbines at their homes and businesses, I was stoked. Perhaps the incentive would bring alternative energy into people’s living rooms, so to speak – out of the abstract and into real life. But a recent review of one wind … Continued

Will Renewable Energy in Europe Need a Bailout?

Undoubtedly, switching to renewable energy is a priority for many countries. But making the switch isn’t easy, even for developed nations. According to an Environmental Leader report, all of Europe is struggling to keep its wind and solar markets afloat, much less make them prosperous. Is a bailout an order? Falling prices, decreased demand, and … Continued

Oil Firms in a Wad over Nigeria’s Energy Industry Overhaul

Nigeria’s plans for overhauling its oil and gas industry are not going over so well with, well, the oil and gas industry. At a public hearing Tuesday, officials from numerous international oil companies (including Chevron, Exxon Mobil, Eni SpA, and Royal Dutch Shell) voiced unanimous disapproval of a bill intended to revitalize the nation’s oil … Continued

Sustainable Minds Makes Life Cycle Analysis Easy

Paper or plastic? Diesel or hybrid? Extrude or blow-mold? Some of the most difficult problems in designing sustainable products involve making the right choices in materials, processes and transportation methods. However, choosing the options that will actually have a lower environmental impact is much more complex that one would think. Deciding what metrics to use, … Continued

Australian Climate Change Legislation Could Cause an Early Election

Australia’s inaugural cap-and-trade legislation is causing the nation’s political climate to heat up so much that it has now become the deciding factor between whether or not the country will see an early election this year. The country’s opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull, has made it clear that his coalition will vote against the nation’s first-ever … Continued

Sugar Cane-Based Polyethylene – a Green Plastic Option?

Polyethylene is not typically a fave among sustainability proponents; after all, it’s plastic, its production process is environmentally draining, and it is not all that recyclable. But if Brazilian petrochemical company Braskem S.A. has its way, environmentalists may soon have a viable polyethylene option. Braskem has created a polyethylene made from sugarcane, which it is … Continued

Amtrak Ups its Carbon Footprint-Reducing Efforts

Attention, eco-travelers: traveling by Amtrak, America’s most extensive rail system, may soon be a more viable option for green travel enthusiasts. Amtrak has recently joined the Climate Registry, a non-profit dedicated to helping businesses calculate and report their greenhouse gas emissions transparently. As part of Amtrak’s attempts to become greener, it has pledged to reduce … Continued

Cement – A Sticky Matter for Green Building Proponents

For sustainability proponents in the UK, cement has become something of a sticky issue. The country recycles nearly a quarter of Europe’s cement waste – a respectable figure that puts the UK at lead of Europe’s cement-recycling efforts. But UK sustainability experts asserted last week that these efforts are not enough. The UK Green Building … Continued

The Nation’s First Platinum LEED-Certified Supermarket Opens in Maine

July 23 was a big day for Hannaford Supermarkets, a 167-store chain serving Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York, and Vermont. The Augusta, Maine Hannaford store obtained Platinum LEED Certification last week, making it the first supermarket in the nation to attain such a status. The LEED system is a program run by the U.S. … Continued

Feel Strongly about Ethanol? Tweet Your Thoughts!

It seems that Twitter has almost everyone all a-flutter. Even the Renewable Fuels Association (RFA). Yes, the RFA joined Twitter and will, on July 29, begin a bi-weekly one-hour TweetChat on the social media outlet. The chats are intended, an RFA report says, to fuel conversation on all things biofuel-related (pun intended). The kick-off chat … Continued

Greenpeace Joins the Effort to Reduce China’s Carbon Footprint

Greenpeace is known for taking on ambitious projects (to make an understatement). Accordingly, Greenpeace recently publicized its findings on China’s carbon footprint in a report entitled, “Polluting Power: Ranking China’s Power Companies.” The activist network is now calling for action, Reuters reports. Greenpeace found alarming statistics in China’s coal usage: the country obtains more than … Continued

Office Furniture and Sustainability: Steelcase Releases CSR Report

Steelcase, a global office furniture corporation, has released its latest Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) report. The report details the company’s efforts meet its goals of reducing its carbon footprint by 25 percent by 2012 (a coincidence that it’s Steelcase’s 100th anniversary?). If the report is accurate, consumers of Steelcase-produced furniture who are concerned about their … Continued