High Speed Rail? Not So Fast.

High speed rail is like soccer – Americans want to like it, but it’s still much more popular in Europe. President Obama included an ambitious high speed rail (HSR) plan as part of his Stimulus Package, and plans are moving forward. But now a recent report (PDF), out of Europe no less, questions one of … Continued

How Logistics Are Making Cleantech Blow in the Wind

The challenges facing the wind industry and the opportunities they create. Ever since T. Boone Pickens announced his plan to sell off 667 turbines, effectively decimating plans for the largest wind farm in the world, the wind industry has come under increased scrutiny and criticism. Kate Galbraith, a blogger for NY Times’ Green Inc., has … Continued

Salmonella, In-Your-Guts Flame Resistance, and More – The Latest from the Meat Industry

Interesting how something as small and basic as a bacterium can consistently make the front page headlines. Boulder County news sources reported that last Thursday, three people in Boulder, Colorado tested positive for the strain of salmonella found in ground beef recalled in June. Authorities had recalled the beef, which was sold at King Soopers stores, after 23 area residents fell ill from consuming it. The chain subsequently recalled 466,236 pounds of ground beef products.

NYC U.S. Postal Facility Enjoys Green Roofing First

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is going green, literally. Last week it unveiled its first green roof, which tops the USPS Morgan mail processing facility in New York City. The roof, which is the largest green roof in NYC, will, expectedly, help the facility reduce its energy usage (by 30 percent by 2015) and pollution … Continued

Environmental Refugees, and the International Community, Face Formidable Challenges

Thanks to climate change, there is a new-ish group of refugees: those driven from their homes because of environmental changes. These “climate refugees,” or “environmental refugees” are, according to a BBC report, a growing source of concern for human rights groups as well as economic and political stability. The BBC report chronicles the fleeing of … Continued

Making E-Cycling Sexy – Waste Management Recycle America

If the words “waste management” don’t make you want to read on, reconsider. An organization simply called Waste Management (WM) is adding enough oomph to its operations to gain the attention of environmental enthusiasts and trash industry experts alike. A provider of comprehensive waste services in North America, WM seeks to minimize environmental harm in … Continued

Renewable Energy is More than Gee-Whiz Glitz

By: Matthew Marichiba Hunting for work recently, I happened upon an opening for Director of Renewable Energy Engineering, which sounded perfect for the ambitions of a friend of mine. (It sounded perfect for my ambitions too, but I’m several years shy of the necessary qualifications.) In hard economic times, people help each other out, so … Continued

A Mad Scientist on the Future of Food: Moto Restaurant’s Homaro Cantu

Seven years ago, long before NPR and Fast Company and the New York Times chronicled Homaro Cantu’s shocking reworkings of the dining experience at Moto Restaurant, in Chicago, he and his team began developing a project with what he calls game-changing technology in food delivery. “First we have action, then we have reaction,” Cantu remarked … Continued

Experiential Marketing: Greening A High Impact Industry

ignition Reduces the Footprint of Live Events As traditional forms of advertising decline, companies are continually looking for new ways to connect with consumers. Many are turning to live events, known also as experiential marketing, as a way to bring their brands to life. Today’s experiential events have evolved from the days of flashy PR … Continued

Selling More than Post-Its: How Give Something Back Leads the Office Supply Pack

How many Staples do you have in your neighborhood? I count three of the ubiquitous office supply stores within a 2.5-mile radius of my place. I’m about to introduce you to a man who doesn’t just provide an alternative experience to the titanic chain, but runs an incredibly successful business. But first, let’s understand how … Continued

Tomatoes On A Hot Tin Roof

Much of the food that we eat travels across long distances before it gets to our plate. The distancing of consumer from producer has environmental, social and economic consequences and will continue to be an issue since earth’s population is now more urban than rural. Not only does food travel from coast to coast, but … Continued

Is Universal Health Care Good for the Environment But Bad for Business? Part I

Universal health care has been the hot topic in the past couple of weeks. Since the climate change bill passed through the House of Representatives, focus has shifted to the health care front. Is it possible that President Obama’s proposal for universal health care could be good for the environment, but bad for your business? Let’s … Continued

Dwell on Design: ecofabulous and eBay Collaborate on Reclaimed Space Prefab

One of the most exciting parts of the Dwell on Design event in June was the collaboration between eBay, ecofabulous, and Reclaimed Space. The 400 square foot prefab cabin, which was designed using high quality vintage, repurposed, and restyled items found on eBay was sold on the online auction site for $75,000, with a portion … Continued

ecofabulous Founder on the 3 R’s: “Reuse, Repurpose, and Restyle”

At this year’s Dwell on Design, held last month in Los Angeles, Zem Joaquin shared her unique vision on the concept of garbage. Ever since Jack Johnson turned “reduce, reuse, recycle” into something you hum on your drive into work or school, people have been rethinking the notion of trash…and some more than others. The … Continued