San Francisco to Enter Great Electric Vehicle Race


In a kick-off speech for the Great Electric Vehicle Race Wednesday, San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom invited the City (and Bay Area) to join in the electric vehicle (EV) challenge – the creation of the world’s first city-wide EV infrastructure. In Newsom’s words, winning the challenge could make the Area the “epicenter of EV technology.”

Newsom seeks to engage Bay Area governments, business associations, policy advocates, and key companies, as well as international car and EV infrastructure businesses, in the collaborative creation of the EV grid. They will, in creating the grid, continue the competition against other U.S. cities for the title of “most sustainable city.”
So far, only Portland, Seattle, and San Francisco’s Mayors have responded to the challenge, which is extended to cities throughout the nation. Portland Mayor Sam Adams has already challenged San Francisco to an “EV War.”
Newsom stated the City had already created a policy plan for (EV) infrastructure, the terms of which he did not describe.

The Great Electric Vehicle Race
is a competition hosted by Gas 2.0, an online resource providing information on oil and fuel alternatives and ways to reduce the use of fossil fuels. The Race is intended to spread EV technology across the U.S., creating thousands of jobs, revitalizing the auto industry, helping the environment, and making the nation a leader in EV technology.

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