Wal-Mart Live Webcast: Sustainability Milestone Meeting

wal mart webcast
Wal-Mart will host a Sustainability Milestone Meeting this morning (July 16th) 9:00 – 11:00 a.m. (CDT) in Bentonville, Ark. Follow the conversation on how Wal-Mart is working to launch a new project that will develop a sustainability index for their products. The meeting will be webcast live, and available for streaming following the meeting. You can also follow the meeting on Twitter via @Walmartmeeting.
As reported yesterday by Sarah Harper, the proposed index is controversial. There are many unanswered questions. Who will define what green is? How will the information gathered be shared?

Despite the concerns, there is no doubt that the average shopper could benefit from one cohesive environmental labeling system, helping them make greener choices when it comes to what to put in the shopping cart.
And Wal-Mart is big enough to gain access to information that is difficult for smaller companies to obtain. However, as Scot Case, Vice President of TerraChoice Group, Inc., points out, “Life Cycle Asessment (LCA) is important and a necessary part of the solution, but it is not the holy grail. LCA is not useful until you have the right context for standardizing and analyzing the data.”
He also stresses that it is critical that any new ecolabel be developed in an open, public and transparent process. So far, he believes the new Sustainability Consortium is moving in a productive direction.
Stay tuned to see what is next for this new coalition.
Deborah Fleischer is the founder and president of Green Impact, providing strategic environmental consulting services to mid-sized companies and NGOs who want to launch a new green initiative or cross-sector collaboration, but lack the in-house capacity to get it up and running. She brings expertise in sustainability strategy, program development, stakeholder partnerships and written communications. And you can follow her occasional tweet at GreenImpact.

Deborah Fleischer is founder and president of Green Impact, a strategic sustainability consulting practice that helps companies walk the green talk. She helps companies design and launch new green strategies and programs, as well as communicate about successes. She is a GRI-certified sustainability reporter and LEED AP with a Master in Environmental Studies from Yale University and over 20-years of direct experience working on sustainability-related challenges in both the public and private sectors. She brings deep expertise in sustainability strategy, stakeholder engagement, program development and written communications.Deborah has helped to design and implement numerous successful cross-sector partnerships and new green initiatives, including the California Environmental Dialogue, Curb Your Carbon and the Institute at the Golden Gate.She has helped create lasting alliances among such organizations as Sierra Club, Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) and the Golden Gate National Parks Conservancy with companies such as Disney, Arco, Bank of America and Passport Resorts.You can follow her occasional tweet @GreenImpact or contact her directly at Deborah@greenimpact.com.

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  1. Wow, that really is ground breaking that Walmart will be holding a sustainability meeting. It will be fascinating to see what the outcome will be. I also can’t help taking note of the fact that the meeting is available live online. It really is such a different world we live in. As a non-profit organization we were quite pleasantly surprised recently to find a really reasonable teleconferencing service (http://vestanetworks.com/index.php) that has a really high quality of service too – that has helped transform our communications.

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