Why Google Chrome OS Is Good for Business and the Environment

In case you haven’t heard, Google has decided to challenge the 800 pound gorilla in the computer world, Microsoft. With the announcement of the Google operating system called Chrome OS, Google looks to turn the technology world on its head.
What does this mean for business and the planet itself? More than you may think.
Netbook Compatibility
One of the main advantages of Chrome OS is that it is made to work with netbooks (those cool little laptops that use minimal power). Microsoft XP and Vista were not meant for netbooks, so this leads to sluggish performance and strange errors. There has been much hype about how netbooks will change how businesses and individuals interact with computers. Without an efficient operating system, many businesses do not see the benefit of switching to netbooks. Now that Chrome OS is raising the bar on OS performance, you can expect a competitive response from Microsoft. In the end, this will benefit the consumer. Microsoft has controlled the OS market for almost twenty years now and this new found competition will benefit computers users worldwide.

Instant On
How much time do you waste waiting for your computer to power on? Think how much energy you waste turning your computer on and off. Chrome OS looks to solve this problem by providing “instant on.” This literally means you press the button for your computer to turn on and it is ready to go. Since Chrome promises instant power on, this means your computer will use less battery power and thus less energy (+1 for the environment).
Of all the electronics you use today, an energy-efficient computer could benefit the most from instant on. Think how much more you could get done with this time-saver.
Viruses and Security
Google is working to make Chrome the most secure OS to date. With less spyware, virus, and general security issues, this will mean lower maintenance costs for businesses. The hidden environmental cost of technology is the amount of time (and thus energy) you waste on non-productive activities. Trying to configure a firewall or remove a virus from a computer uses as much energy as responding to email, but is not nearly as productive.
Web Applications
Google already boasts an impressive suite of office applications known as Google Apps. With the inevitable integration of Google Apps into Chrome OS, this means more savings for businesses. No longer will they have to buy Microsoft Office(saving money and all that packaging and shrink wrap that comes with boxed software).
So if you are looking to make more money with your business while minimizing your environmental impact, Google Chrome OS is worth a look when it comes out in the second half of 2010.

Andy Greene started publishing www.renewtheworld.com in 2009 because he wanted to provide educational information about eco-friendly topics for the home, office, and lifestyle. Renew The World provides timely articles about greening your life and thorough product reviews that can green your lifestyle. In continuing his educational efforts, Andy contributes to Triple Pundit along with several other eco-friendly sites. Outside of writing online, Andy enjoys spending time with family, friends, and debating just about anything.

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