The Business School Search for Identity

By Matthew Madden One predictable result of the past decade’s crop of corporate scandals, peaked by the current financial crisis, is renewed criticism of one of society’s most influential institutions – the elite graduate business programs.  In response a number of schools, often via student-organized efforts, have taken actions designed to, depending on your level … Continued

Vermont’s Green Mountain Coffee Roasters: Selling Activism

By Richard Seireeni The following is an excerpt from The Gort Cloud: The Invisible Force Powering Today’s Most Visible Brands. It has been adapted for the web. The Challenge The birthplace for many of today’s green brands is the verdant hills and valleys of New England. This is where Tom’s of Maine, Ben & Jerry’s, … Continued

Is There Such a Thing As Green Pesticide? EcoSMART Says Yes

Finally, a pesticide that can rid your house of all those pesky children and animals. Oh no wait, scratch that. It’s SAFE for children and animals. That packaging had me confused. EcoSMART claims to be the only 100% safe insecticide that is proven to work. Their products are based on the essential oils from plants … Continued

The Business Case for Coal

Common logic says that despite the surge in interest in renewable and clean energy, coal remains a dominant part of our fuel mix, and will likely remain so for many years.  Our infrastructure for a renewable energy grid is in full speed development, but remains years away from shifting the tremendous burden of powering our … Continued

It’s Over: Five Reasons Why the Electric Car Wins

It could take ten years or more to become apparent, but I’ll call it now: the electric car will replace the internal combustion engine. A caveat: I am not an automotive industry expert. Which is why I’m right. I’m not mired in the details, the past failures, the what ifs or the buts. All I … Continued

Van Jones in Newsweek and on Glenn Beck

Even Van Jones recognizes there’s no unified definition of a green job. And as a senior advisor to the White House Council on Environmental Quality and founder and former executive director at Green for All, a national organization working to build an inclusive economy, Jones is about as definitive a source as you can find. … Continued

Alternative Fuel Trade Alliance to Receive $1.6 Million Grant from DOE

Looks like “alternative fuel” may soon become more mainstream, if a recent grant by the Department of Energy has the intended effect. The DOE granted $1.6 million to the Alternative Fuel Trade Alliance, which the Alliance will use to increase public awareness and understanding of alternative fuels (including ethanol, biodiesel, propane, and natural gas) and … Continued

Ice Sculptures, Greenpeace, and Melting Away Obstacles

Greenpeace is at it again – this time using symbolism to highlight the impact of impending water shortages. The activist network placed 100 ice sculptures (depicting children) at the Temple of Earth in Beijing Friday – the spot where Chinese emperors used to pray for well-being and bountiful harvests. Greenpeace also placed ice sculptures in … Continued

Setting Sustainability Standards for Green Clothiers

So you eat certified-free-range poultry in your Platinum LEED home and you wash the dishes in your Energy Star compliant dishwasher. Fine. But is that a sustainable sweater you’re wearing? If a new organization called Labeling Ecologically Approved Fabrics (LEAF) gets its way, you might someday be able to prove it. LEAF‘s goal is to … Continued

Green Stimulus Funding for Small Businesses: DOE Offers $37M

It is not so easy navigating the various pots of green stimulus funding.  Especially if you are a start-up or small business. Clean energy small businesses (500 employees or less) take note—the Department of Energy (DOE) deadline is fast approaching (September 4th) for small business stimulus grants for clean energy research and development projects. DOE’s … Continued

Replacing Diesel: Renewables Power Off-Grid Cellular Base Stations

Off-grid cellular base stations continue to sprout up, particularly in emerging markets around the world looking to leapfrog to a modern telecommunications infrastructure. Conventionally powered 24×7 by diesel generators, telecoms service providers and base station owners are increasingly looking to small-scale renewable power systems to power them.

AT&T: Aligning Business and Sustainability Strategy

I ask a simple gut-check question when reading a sustainability report:  “What does [insert “green” initiative here] have to do with this company’s operations?” The connection should be obvious. While “One Million Acts of Green” are admirable, it makes more sense to inventory impacts and make reductions where they matter most.  (Can I leave my … Continued

Natural Gas: “Bridge Fuel” or Renewable Energy Killer?

Natural gas is often portrayed as a “bridge fuel,” providing a lower-carbon alternative to coal while zero-carbon technologies, wind and solar primarily, scale up capacity and, hopefully, lower their price. In the long term this may be accurate, but in the short term there’s a different possibility: cheap natural gas will stymie growth in wind … Continued

Can Junk Mail Ever Be Considered Sustainable? Possibly

Junk Mail. It’s a bad thing, all around, right? Forests worth of paper, tons of emissions delivering it, and 98%+ of the time, ignored. What good can possibly come from it? Hang on a minute. Dukky has something different to offer, which may just make junk, er, direct mail an increasingly efficient thing, for all … Continued