Dot Eco LLC Names Chief Environmental and Policy Officers

We’ve been giving a fair amount of ink to the Dot Eco LLC plan to establish a green top-level web domain (TLD)–and to its battles against other groups attempting to do the same. Will this TLD unite or distract the environmental movement? Is Gore’s endorsement enough to save .eco from the dustbin of other TLDs, such as .mobi and .tv?

You’ll get different answers to those questions, but one thing is for sure: the PR machine at Dot Eco is bound to keep the news flowing. Dot Eco issued three press releases in the past week, the last two of which serve to introduce new appointees to the group’s management. (And it sounds like more appointments are coming soon.)

Jim Dufour, associate director at Scripps Institution of Oceanography’s Instrument Development Group, will inject some scientific cred to Dot Eco leadership as the group’s chief environmental office. And Mark Massara, an attorney and activist who founded Surfers Environmental Alliance and the National Association of Surfing Attorneys and directs the California Coastal Program for the Sierra Club, will take the role of chief policy officer.

The Surfrider Foundation has expressed its support for the Dot Eco effort, too. Looks like if this Dot Eco thing fails, they could form a splinter group and start a dot H2O campaign.

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