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Even Al Gore gets a little overwhelmed by carbon accounting
Even Al Gore gets a little overwhelmed by carbon accounting

Documenting the environmental impact of your organization in a rigorous way can be pretty daunting. If you’re like me, you sat down to do it for the first time with a full cup of coffee and the best of intentions and and you quickly got discouraged. What should the scope of my emissions boundary be? Wait, what is a scope? Which emissions factor will I use? What’s an emissions factor again? Will we include employee commuting or just business travel? You’re telling me I have to weigh my paper now? I think it’s time for lunch…

Now you don’t have to go it alone! There are people to teach the guidelines to you!

The ISOS Group has teamed up with Alliant University to offer a Sustainability Reporting course based on the rigorous Global Reporting Initiative standards. The course takes place September 26th and 27th in San Diego.

Upon completion of the course participants will receive certificates directly from GRI for their demonstrated knowledge of:

  • GRI, the GRI Framework, and supporting documents
  • Synergies between the UN Global Compact and sustainability reporting
  • Reporting concept, planning, and the reporting process
  • Benefits and challenges of reporting
  • Stakeholder identification, role, prioritization, and engagement
  • The GRI materiality principle and indicator selection
  • Connecting reporting content and monitoring with policies and goals
  • Quality assurance and application levels
  • Communicating Results

Participants will refer to sustainability reports from leading California-based companies, such as Disney, Symantec and Qualcomm.  They will also get the chance to hear from an industry leader directly about their experiences with the reporting process.

I’ll be there. Hopefully you will too! Sign up before August 27th to receive special early bird rates! Let ISOS know you heard about the seminar on 3P to claim an additional $100 off.

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