No Impact Man: Coming Soon to a Theater Near You

There is No Impact Man the blog. There is No Impact Man the book. And coming soon to a theater near you, there is No Impact Man the documentary, the chronicles of an “extreme” one-year experiment to answer the question, “Is it possible to have a good life without wasting so much?” The clip drew … Continued

Detroit: The Next Agrarian Paradise?

Many people have all but written off the once booming “Motor City.” With a poverty rate of 32 percent and a population that has shrunk from 2 million to under 900,000, the auto capital of the world has become our nation’s most depressed metropolis. Today, as more and more people flee the city, it becomes … Continued

What’s So Special About Windspire Wind Turbines?

Windspire wind turbines were present at President Obama’s inauguration festivities. The 30 foot tall and four foot wide wind turbines generate power when the wind blows against vertical airfoils, which is then converted to AC electricity. Each wind turbine produces about 2,000 kilowatt (KW) hours per year in 12 mph average winds, and includes wireless … Continued

Europe Leads the Way on Waste-to-Energy

More evidence that Europe is advancing more rapidly than other regions on the environmental front: It is the largest waste-to-energy plants market in the world, with well-developed infrastructure and more than 429 such incinerator facilities, according the London research and consulting firm Frost & Sullivan. A new analysis from Frost, trenchantly titled European Waste to … Continued

U.S. Plans Subsidies for Energy Efficient Appliances

The US government is in the process of forming a new program designed to boost struggling home appliance manufacturers and retailers (and the environment) by spurring cautious consumers to buy energy efficient models. The program will reward consumers who buy qualifying Energy Star models of appliances (refrigerators, washing machines, etc…), hopefully increasing sales while reducing … Continued

Why a Food Delivery Company Replaced Shrink Wrap With Rubber Bands

U.S. Foodservice-Fort Mill replaced its clear plastic wrap, or shrink wrap, with rubber bands in all its food product deliveries. The company has reduced its use of shrink wrap in its Fort Mill operations by 11 percent and saved almost $8,000. U.S. Food Service is one of the largest food delivery companies with over 43,000 … Continued

Should Renewable Energy Equipment Be Made in the US?

Last week, the U.S. Energy and Treasury Departments launched a tax credit program for renewable energy equipment manufacturing. The $2.3 billion for the program comes from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), better known as the stimulus. The tax credits will offset 30 percent of the cost of setting up factories domestically. There are … Continued

Green Software Unconference Wrap Up

By Shripal Shah Last week I had some fascinating conversations with folks at the Green Software Unconference held at Computer History Museum in Mountain View, California. This event, which brought various folks from both inside and outside the software industry, showcased a growing interest in creating new software solutions that have an ecologically minded purpose. … Continued

EPA Kicks Off Bloggers’ Roundable with Safe “Back to School” Feature

When the notice landed in my inbox that the EPA would be holding regular green bloggers roundtables, I was stoked. A chance to engage with one of the world’s biggest government agencies dedicated to environmental protection? How cool! The e-mail included a list of suggested topics they planned to cover: sustainable design, solar energy, indoor … Continued

Unilever’s Ambient Ice Cream and Global Warming

UPDATE: Unilever has denied the claim that it’s developing a room temperature ice cream. Given all the buzz this story has created, it seems like a good idea for the next R&D cycle! Chances are you’re an ice cream fan. Maybe you even consider yourself the real emperor of ice cream or at least an … Continued

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Seeks Global Warming Trial

A recent Los Angeles Times headline could easily appear in the News of the Weird: “U.S. Chamber of Commerce Seeks Trial on Global Warming.” Absurd? Yes. A business-environment intersection we’d rather not see? Yes. True? Yes: in hopes of preventing potentially sweeping limits on emissions, the Chamber is pushing the EPA to try the scientific … Continued

Desertec Solar Power Project Gains Steam, Critics

As the international Saharan solar initiative Desertec moves forward, a fleet of critics have appeared, who were apparently not invited to the heavily covered inaugural press conference July 13th. In terms of progress, Desertec can report that some Saharan governments have already expressed interest in the project. Said Mouline, head of Morocco’s renewable energy agency, … Continued

Free SOCAP09 Impact Management Workshop Hosted by SVT Group

SOCAP09 is being held in San Francisco September 1-3. And if the $1,195 registration fee is beyond your budget, but you are interested in intersection of money and meaning, don’t miss the free pre-conference workshop being offered on Sept 1st by  SVT Group. Both SOCAP09 registrants and non-registrants are welcome. SVT Group I had the … Continued