Nike Resigns From Board of US Chamber of Commerce, Citing Climate Change Differences

Nike, a global leader in sustainability issues, announced today it was resigning from its position on the US Chamber of Commerce’s board of directors because opposition by the chamber to proposed climate change legislation. Nike will continue to hold membership in the 3-million strong trade association. This news follows the resignation from the chamber of … Continued

A123: The Hottest New Player in the Clean Stock Market

Reuters reported this morning that clean tech investments have risen substantially this year. In the third quarter report just released, there were 112 deals totaling $1.9 billion that included investments in solar power, smart grids, biofuels, green building materials, and electric car technology. Much of this enthusiasm is believed to be led by a new … Continued

Exelon Leaves Chamber of Commerce Over Climate Change

As a sign of growing corporate support to climate change legislation, a string of companies have left the chamber in recent weeks.  Exelon, one of the largest utilities in the US and the third to leave the Chamber, made the announcement Monday. The Chicago-based company sells electricity and gas in four states and is the … Continued

Can California Meet Renewable Energy Goal with a Mandate?

Just before the California legislative season ended in mid-September, lawmakers passed two bills that would require 33 percent of California’s energy to be generated from renewable resources by 2020—a more aggressive goal than what the three-year old AB32 (California’s Global Warming Solutions Act) had set and the most aggressive renewable energy requirement in the nation.

How Newsweek’s Green Rankings Could Be More Effective

By Julian Dautremont-Smith Last week, Newsweek released its first “Green Rankings,” which ranked the 500 largest U.S. companies on environmental performance. The rankings have been welcomed by many the sustainability community, and certainly, there is a lot to like about them.  They provide a reasonably objective tool to inform to inform purchasing and investment decisions by … Continued

Solar City, Tesla Building Fast Charge EV Stations Bridging SF and LA

Leading solar power installer Solar City, Tesla Motors, and Rabobank have partnered to instal five fast-charge checkpoints for electric vehicles along Highway 101 between San Francisco and Los Angeles. The charge stations are at Rabobank branches in Salinas, Atascadero, Santa Maria and Goleta, with the fifth in a public parking garage in San Luis Obispo. … Continued

Democrats Boxer and Kerry to Introduce Climate Legislation in Senate

If Democratic Senators John Kerry and Barbara Boxer are successful Wednesday, they might nudge Senate negotiations on climate change a bit closer to, well, starting. Kerry and Boxer are scheduled to introduce some global warming legislation – the Boxer-Kerry bill – on which they collaborated for some nine months. The Senators hope the bill will … Continued

What Is Needed To Mitigate Climate Change?

Dr. Stephen Schneider, a Stanford University professor, spoke about the need for “building coalitions of people” to deal with climate change last week during the National Climate Seminar put on by the Bard Center for Environmental Policy. He included leveraging purchasing power as one way to build a coalition. Climate change is occurring because economies have expanded … Continued

“Perfect Flush” Retrofits Toilets for Two Level Flushing

Everyone knows the trite toilet water conservation mantra involving letting yellow mellow and flushing brown down, but it’s very hard to start a piece on toilet water conservation without evoking it (plus it really helps you visualize conservation!)  But while this strategy works great at public restrooms and sports stadiums (they are going to smell … Continued

How to Choose Your Sustainability Conferences

By David Witzel and Greg Andeck, Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) Innovation Exchange David Witzel serves as Director and Greg Andeck is the Manager, Corporate Partnerships of the EDF Innovation Exchange, a dynamic global network facilitating the widespread adoption of environmental innovation in business. The EDF Innovation Exchange is also a 3p sponsor. Our colleague Victoria … Continued

New Generation Energy Offers Micro-Loans For Energy Projects

Boston-based non-profit New Generation Energy has launched a program to provide small businesses and community based organizations with loans of $5,000 to $100,000 for renewable energy and energy efficiency upgrades. The program adds to a small but growing pool of money available for businesses, individuals and local governments looking eager to upgrade their energy infrastructure, … Continued

Hotter, Faster: New Report Slices Decades From Warming Scenarios

Are people in the U.S. illiterate when it comes to climate change? Just days after Rasmussen reported that 47 percent of U.S. citizens suggested that it was OK to put the economy before climate change concerns, one of the key advisors to the German government suggested that North Americans know less about climate change than … Continued