AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah, IBM, and Expanding Business Sustainably


Good news from the world of (at least increasingly) sustainable business growth: AAA Northern California, Nevada & Utah (AAA NCNU) is expanding, and expanding (at least partially) sustainably. The company recently partnered with IBM to design and build AAA NCNU’s new energy efficient data center, in keeping with AAA’s technology requirements.

Reuters reports the details. AAA NCNU and IBM signed the deal in May. The firms expect to complete construction of the data center by December 2009. The data center will serve several purposes: it will help reduce AAA NCNU’s energy consumption, operational costs, space usage, and IT maintenance while increasing AAA NCNU’s efficiency and data-processing capacities. By doing so, it will expectedly support AAA’s growth plan and illustrate the effectiveness of using green technology to trim costs.

Greening a company’s data center(s) can be an invaluable tool in greening its overall operations, the IBM website reports. While new high-density servers provide more computing power while using less energy (compared to traditional models), for companies utilizing multiple data centers, their overall energy demand has increased. As a solution, utilizing greener models (which minimize power usage by the center’s cooling system and other parts of its infrastructure) can improve a company’s energy efficiency.

Although this is good news, the perfectionist in me wonders: is it good news from the “the economy might be improving” and “all sorts of businesses are becoming more sustainable” files, or just a tidbit from the “something is better than nothing” and “too little too late” files?

What do you think?

Sarah Harper is a professional writer based in San Francisco, California. Her interests include sustainability, government policy, and international politics. In her free time, Sarah enjoys toying with the idea of holistic health, overanalysis, and plotting world exploration.

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