Business Not As Usual: 12% Of Ocean Shipping Armada Stands Down, & More


  1. Up to 12% of the world’s cargo ships are standing down, absent cargo or crews. Will there be a commensurate reduction in shipping-related CO2  emissions? Will 2009 be  the baseline year against which shipping companies could be required to accomplish reductions? For details, see Ghost Fleet Moored Off Singapore: 12% Of Ocean Shipping Armada Stands Down Business significance for #1 is :U2/C3.
  2. Do you work in a supply chain for the personal care products? Niche offerings from the green side are poised to threaten the market shares of multinational brands. An online distributor, Become Clean, is moving to be the Amazon of healthy and safe versions. For details, see Become Clean Offers 20% Off Natural Personal Care Products Business significance for #2 is :U1/C5.
  3. What’s your company’s travel policy for defending against proprietary information loss via personal electronics? Have a look a controversial recommendation for best practice, and also at some of the comments left by readers of: Say What?! Feds Tell IT Execs to Trash Mobile Phones After Visiting China. Business significance for #3  is :U3/C4.
  4. Here’s your climate action dose for the week. As a harbinger of things to come, and wisely so, Energy Secretary Chu Says Deep Emission Reductions Not Politically Achievable in US.  With Congress overheated from health care and financial reform proposals, steadier heads are going to have to lead the way on climate. For an example of how this plays out, see California to Get 33% of its Power from Renewables by 2020.  Here’s a further illustration: New Fuel Economy Details Revealed: Biggest Move to Cut CO2 by the US Gov Ever? Business significance for #4 is :U5/C5.
  5. And, finally, if you don’t know of Jevon’s Paradox, you should. It relates to both consumer and industrial practices and future efficiencies  invested in. Here’s a good introduction. Jevons Paradox and Energy Efficiency. Business significance for #5 is :U1/C3.

Following the example of our first, and introductory, weekly roundup from TreeHugger, Business Not As Usual: Chinese Environmental Activists Riot, And More, business “criticality” (C) and “urgency” (U) are each ranked above, subjectively, on a scale of 1 through 5, with 5 being the highest, and 1 the lowest. See that intro post for instructions on how to put the rankings to use.

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